Good Evening The Night Watchman’s Journal Fans. You'll have be selected to come join the Night Watchman. This adventure will take us into the past to learn the secrets to help us out in the future. Fans, grab your swords and talismans as you join Deborah, Unnichan, and myself on this ghost hunting adventure.

A long time ago in a not so distant galaxy, a battle between ghosts and humans raged on. This is the legend of the Ghost Hunters, wait wrong legend?

Tiara: The world is fighting between those who don’t believe in ghosts, the puppet masters of ghosts, and those who are ghost hunters. It sounds like this isn’t a real battle between ghosts and humans. I don’t think these ghosts are being asked to be puppets. Can ghosts say no to their puppet masters? I do wonder what the kind of power, these ghost have and how they feel about the world. Speaking of the ghost hunters, do they seem a bit weak? Where is their power?

Unnichan: The heroes are always a bit weak sauce. It's supposed to convey they won due to their nature of determination. And though, I love me some underdogs, seriously writers, does evil always have to be smarter, faster and stronger?

Deborah: On the plus side, this scene was hella HD

Tiara: It was Deborah out of this world.

Traitors bring chaos, death, and ghost/smoke monsters to the palace. Run Rin Run ….

Tiara: The smoke monsters were about the only good CGI I didn’t giggle my coke up my nose over the cheesy look. A little disappointed to not have the grown versions in this episode. I’m a huge fan of Jung Il Woo, but I’m impressed with badass Watchman Sang Heon. I guess if I have to wait for Oppa, I will enjoy watching Sang Heon be awesome. On a side note, I see you Chief Kang.

Unnichan: I do wish we'd moved on quickly from the children. Their story nor connection is compelling but if having the backstory helps me love the position and role of the Watchman more, I'm all for it.

Deborah: The ghosts looked more like dementors who had escaped from Azkaban. I agree with Tiara the only good CGI so far has been the dementor/ghosts. That asteroid scene made me cringe though with how fake it was.

Tiara: The fake space was at least colorful, Deborah.

Evil Minion steals scroll but leaves a calling card?

Tiara: The creepy guy took a scroll to bring his Dragon God back to the world. You would think they would have hidden this powerful scroll somewhere with a bit more security or in a hidden room. I get the guy has power, but does this power mean he can find hidden rooms or hiding places? At least try to hide the darn thing.

Unnichan: Maybe hiding the scroll is like denying his power, and who would want to do that? Plus, seems the scroll's incantation meant nothing without a vessel or sacrifice, which I find much more interesting.

Suit Up, must find the supernatural flower.

Tiara: Anyone else got a bad feeling about this? *rises hands*

The smoky horse was pretty sweet looking. The skeleton monsters looked, like CGI from the late '90s. There goes my Coke up my nose from laughing. Oh drama, can’t you warn a girl about something cheesy coming up?The bow and arrow can only be used by the rightful Joseon King. I believe this is a foreshadowing of what is to come. People remember this bow. I get the feeling poor little Rin won’t be king until he pull the bow out of the stone.

Creepy cult leader is a thief who steals other shamans

Tiara: I think he brainwashed her. I don’t believe she is coming out of this like she was. She may have been fighting Sadam, but that burn mark will change her. You mark my words, I don’t see her staying with her tribe after all this.

Unnichan: Ole Priestess will never be the same; she's been branded. She and Sadam are connected. Chick is different..

Coming to a theatre near you: The King’s Army - The Desolation to Smaug

Tiara: You know what happens when you assume. Go find the body of Sadam!!!! Do not assume the man is dead. The dude has magical powers versus your human limitations. Yes let's take back the God Statute to the palace. Are you crazy, insane, or just stupid? Do not take the God Statue anywhere near where you live, eat, and sleep. I tell you it will not end well.

Unnichan: So okay, that does mean I'm not the only one that thinks Dragon God may be resurrected before it's all said and done? Look I'm all for dragons, but everything has it's place. And it ain't in my house.

Tiara: Unni, right there with you about the statue.


Tiara: I’m a supernatural, fantasy, and sci-fi girl. The concept of the drama is something I’m really interested in. I really do like the smoke monsters (ghosts?). Those look creepy and cool. No complaints about the acting.

Deborah: Like Tiara, I also adore the supernatural so I was super excited to see a drama dealing with that topic. The premise itself seems interesting, hopefully the execution of it all will catch up.

Unnichan: I was actually surprised there wasn't more political corruption but I guess with smoke babies/monsters/ghosts flying around doing some real Evil, I suppose anything else would be heavy-handed. For now, the fact that there's something beyond human power (albeit under human direction) lurking and controlling our characters, intrigues me.


Deborah: Okay, maybe I’ve just been watching way too much horror and gore but I am greatly disappointed by the lack of actual blood. For example, in the beginning when the three soldiers were being possessed by the ghosts and started slicing at the rest of the group there was very little blood produced compared to the actual actions that were occurring. Honestly, it just looked like little grape stains on their clothing. Personally for me this episode left much to be desired , the storyline was okay, slightly rushed, but the next episode seems to be much better so hopefully it picks up the pace!

Tiara: I’m really not feeling this first episode. The narration isn’t giving me an epic or whimsical introduction to the world. Sadly, I was bored for most of the episode. The action scene tried to be grand, but for me failed to be exciting as action lasted way too long. I also not have any emotional connection to any of the characters. At this point, I don’t care nor do I trust them. Sure Sang Heon is awesome, but I’m not rooting for him yet.

Unnichan: Characters and story are always my biggest draws, not genre, and unfortunately, there's nothing that is grabbing my attention at the moment besides the ghosts. I think I'm supposed to be invested in the future of not only Joseon as a whole but the four children the narrative has introduced and I'm just not there. Not yet.


Tiara: Rin is going to become an outlaw, but is the true King of Joseon. I believe part of this drama will be about him claiming his rightful place on the throne. I also think he will be fighting for the ghosts to stop being controlled by Sadam.

Unnichan: Since we've had Lost, Game of Thrones, Pirates Of the Caribbean and Sword in the Stone references, I'm thinking it's a safe bet they'll be at least one Neverending Story moment.

Did everyone survive? How did you feel about the first episode? Did it catch your interest? Did you agree or disagree with us? What did you like or didn’t like for the first episode? What do you think will happen to Rin? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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