Good morning, NWJ fans. Just taking a moment for some possession and manipulation. Are you ready, Drama Clubbers?

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 1.02.49 PM.pngDeborah: The shaman grows the flower for the King and leaves a little possession surprise in it for him to discover. Can there please be one item that is not completely CGI’d? Why is everything that is even remotely connected to the supernatural instantly CGI’d? Also, can we take some time to appreciate just how fucking awkward and creepy that kiss was?

He looks like he’s eating her soul!

Unnichan: The CGI is over the top, they've had tons of fun tinkering around but I put that aside after the horses. What piqued my interest here was Priestess... We discussed the possibility of change and with the flower voodoo we know she has but what was with the smirk after the kiss? That didn't seem to correlate with her downtrodden attitude later with Do Ha. Was she enchanted in that moment as well?

Tiara: Did I miss something here? Has Priestess Shaman become evil or is she possessed by an evil spirit? I agree Unni, I can’t figure out what the drama is trying to tell us with her. What does the kiss actually mean? Was it away from the spirit to enter the King? I’m getting a little annoyed without the rule book in front of me.

Palace politics is like a game of chess - Let the games begin.

Tiara: Here I thought they would go without the politics of the palace. I do wonder how the politics of the palace will fit in with the supernatural world. Clearly most of the ministers don’t believe in ghost. This Minister wants his daughter to become Crown Princess not un-normal in a historical drama. Soo Hyun, his daughter, is a friend of the Rin who plays her part well. The second lead who want be getting the guy. On another side note, why do I get the feeling the Minister is going to disband the treasury guards?

Deborah: I feel like there’s going to be some total manipulation behind the scenes like the Queen Dowager is going to make the minister’s daughter marry the to-be crown prince’s brother and there will just be some intense crying scene but we shall see.

Unnichan: I'm not sure Dowager will have her way but she did a superb job of letting Minister know that he sure won't.

A good man becomes a possessed and evil man

Tiara: Clearly our King isn’t in his right mind. We all knew this when he kissed the Priestess Shaman, but seeing how he is treating his family kind of hurts. The King was devoted to both his Queen and son. What kind of ghost is possessing him? What is the ghost’s end game? Man I need a rule book about how this supernatural shift works.

Deborah: Agreed. I want to see what is going on inside the King’s mind right now. Yes, he is possessed and that is what is controlling his actions but is the King fighting inside of his mind right now trying to claw out and protect his beloved family from himself?

Unnichan: This was perhaps the hardest thing to watch? And since I have this sinking feeling he'll die possessed, it saddens me, this is how Rin will remember his father. The only saving grace is at least Rin believes his Daddy has gone nuts. However, I also questioned this ghost because we only saw Haejong struggle against its power once (we he attempted to kill his wife), what's up with that?!

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 1.23.41 PM.png

Deborah-There were so many dramatic closeups in this scene I felt like I was watching Supernatural all over again.


Tiara: Is anyone else creeped out by that thing?

I’m ready to break the crap out of the dragon statue. Come everyone get your sledge hammers ready.

Unnichan: And honestly, I'd be with you but me thinks that's something that needs to demolished through means of fire and brimstone, miles and miles away. Those close ups are for reverse effect — the closer they zoom, the farther away we must be to survive. Plus, I don't like to get my hands dirty.

Deborah: Personally, it makes me think of Randall from Monster’s Inc. so I think it’s simply kind of funny looking :3

Almost Doesn't Count

Unnichan: Sadam may be the psycho Tuck Everlasting version of Merlin but apparently, he's not called a psychic for nothing. He brands Priestess with voodoo and a promise, then bides his time and cashes in. When he ripped her dress, I was shocked at MBC's boldness but then again, for Sadam, these are desperate times and like most, his god is an "all or nothing" kind of guy.

Tiara: LOL Unni. He totally is a psycho version of Tuck with a bit of Merlin. There wasn’t a need for the dress to be ripped. If anything the dress should have been ripped when Sadam burned her. The mark is clearly visible above her dress line. He was trying to come off as a evil and bad and just made me laugh.

Deborah: Sadam was totally trying to get some, yeah, that dress ripping was not needed at all.

An evil spawn is nobody's ghost baby pawn

Unnichan: One aspect of the children's saga that caught my attention is the malicious nature of Prince Kisan. I mean who knew shanty side-eye could gleam from the eyes of babes? I hate that we have no layers to him as a character and unfortunately, even if in future there's development, we're (he and I) already done. For he jets out of the gate as a envy driven, diabolical kid, therefore, no matter the outcome, there's no redemption for him. The only upside is his malice is all human, which is rarity in Watchman World.

Tiara: Kisan is a deprived boy without love. I’m not surprised he went to the dark side - they have cookies. I agree with Unni about the lack of depth with Kisan. He doesn’t have any love towards his brother only envy. He isn’t the boy his father adores nor is he in line for the throne at the beginning of the drama. He is the bastard who is granted permission to live in the palace. When their adult parts take over, Kisan won’t change from being an evil little kid. Instead he will be a evil adult trying to keep his brother out of his throne.


Unnichan: No one was excited to see our honorable King Haejong possessed but I have to admit I love to see Choi Won Young be bad. I've always enjoyed his performances and he continues to do that for me here.

Tiara: This episode belong to Choi Won Young. He nailed being a douchebag. By the end of the episode, I hoped for his dead. Got to hand it to him for making me love him in one episode and want him dead the next. Great Job!!!

Deborah: Yes, King Haejong did well in the evil possesed role; however, let’s take time to appreciate Kisan’s role. With just some simple looks he was able to reveal his true intentions and show off his evil or at the most show his hatred. That is awesome! Can’t wait to see what he does in the future and what kind of shit he gets up to later.


Unnichan: There wasn't enough Sadam this episode. Yeah, yeah he and Priestess solidified their bond but geez, how can you introduce this vampiric Dorian Gray moment and not elaborate? I need more people. More!

Deborah: Ugg. I really need to see more Sadam but why did his hair suddenly change so much did he just go from blonde to gray like that? Once again the CGI is still annoying me so much (thankfully there was not as much in this episode as there was in the first but hopefully they won’t be so CGI happy next week!) And the story is still not holding my attention like it should, hopefully it continues to pick up pace for the next episode.

Tiara: Oh my gosh, I hate the little kid who is playing Rin. Annoying. Over all not really impressed with the opening story. I care very little for any of the characters.


Unnichan: The King has to go. Haejong is too far gone now. Whether his possession takes his life or a duel with the Watchman, I can't say, but either way, his demise and deterioration will certainly tear this faction down. And I'm thinking this flower bracelet talisman thingy will make a love connection down the line.

Tiara: The King will make Kisan become King. The King will die either by the ghost possessing him or Sang Hyun will have to end him. I agree with Unni about the bracelet. I also think the bracelet will protect Rin when he begins to battle for his throne and Sadam. The Priestess isn’t dead. She is going to show up later to do something evil. If those statues in the palace are fix, they will protect the true King.

Deborah: I definitely agree with Unnichan about the love connection with a bracelet talisman. I can see both the ghost beating the King as well as the King beating the ghost. Honestly what I desire the most to happen is that the king will think he’s not possessed and that he beat the ghost when he honestly does not that way the evil can work more stealthily and therefore be more deadly than the King just acting like a nut the entire time.

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 4.12.01 PM.png

And the episode ends on a cliffhanger of a fight between good and evil. What do you think will happen next? Who do you think will prevail and what will happen to our cast of characters? See you all next week for another TNWJ Drama Club!

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