You’ve got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away, and know when to run — especially when Beefy McHotstuff holds a knife to your throat. Join Taleena, Firnlambe, Aunnie and Wendilynn as we discuss King’s Face episode 8.

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Taleena: Can we start with Eunuch Song recognizing Love Through the Ages?

Firnlambe: I reeeeally like Eunuch Song . . . granted not as much as I love Teddy Bear . . . but he was pretty awesome when he covered for our idiot Love Through the Ages.

Aunnie: Can we start with how stuuuupid Love Through the Ages is?? Enough to be recognized by both Eunuch Song and Stupid Face Reader McStupid?

Taleena: He of the Bette Davis eyes?

Wendilynn: Eunuch Song and Face Reader have a very specific reason for being able to recognize her at a moments notice. However, I also think the Eunuch is a great character and I’m glad he basically called her an idiot to her face for making assumptions.

Aunnie: She shouldn’t be in the palace AT ALL. Like . . . she shouldn’t even be in the CITY? She wants to relieve her “guilt” STOP DOING STUPID STUFF LIKE GOING TO THE PALACE!

Firnlambe: I do believe Aunnie is upset with her . . . . she used CAPS!!! Though I am in complete agreement with her lol

Taleena: but . . but Aunnie she needs to pursue her path of Just Vengeance!

Aunnie: NO, there is only so much naivete that I can deal with before I start wanting to pull my hair out and I went through too much to get my hair this perfect shade of blue to be pulling it out.

Wendilynn: She wasn’t exactly given a choice. But it was important for her to know that Gwanghae didn’t betray her intentionally. 

Firnlambe: I just can’t stand her inability to see that in the first place . . . the man you loved was looking at you like his soul had been ripped out all those years ago. It wasn’t fair of her to not even try to hear the truth of the matter . . . . though I can TOOOTALLY see why she jumped to that conclusion. //sigh// This is the downfall to being able to see all sides of the problem I suppose.

Wendilynn: That’s a general problem that shows up in all Kdramas though. You can’t have conflict if everyone is reasonable. lol

Aunnie: What is it with K-drama female leads and their inability to listen or even give the benefit of the doubt to their male leads? I guess that’s still a generalization but it just seems to prominent. Nearly as bad as the SLS curse of Kdramas . . . speaking of . . . do we think Psychopath is going to be an SLS or is he just a caring Orabeoni? This last episode kind of makes me wonder now . . .

Taleena: Yes, SLS - A 1000 times yes! with his “lean on me” speech. 

Firnlambe: I have mixed feelings on our SLS catalyst this series . . . sometimes he’s great and it's clear he generally cares about Ga Hee, but then he’s all evil-ish and I just wanna slap the bitch.

Taleena: I have a feeling he might just go all Harry Borrison.

Aunnie: Noooooo! A 1000 times no! Harry almost destroyed all SLS feels in me. But I am wondering about the Psychopath because he isn’t looking at her with googly eyes yet and usually by now they are . . . but his “lean on me” speech did have an SLS feel to it. Honestly, I think Ga Hee and Psychopath deserve each other and Herbalicious and Gwanghae should get together.

Wendilynn: I think he’s cautiously in love with her. But as for who ends up as who . . . . Herb girl ends up as Gwanghae's crown princess (1st episode) so we know Love through the Ages has to end up somewhere else.

Aunnie: Speaking of people that are annoying as all get out . . . I’m done with the King. He keeps asking himself why Gwanghae isn’t going to him with the information he’s uncovered and if Gwanghae means to “deceive” him and I keep shouting at the TV “You’ve given him no reason to TRUST you!” Please tell me it’s not just me.

Wendilynn: Its not just you, Aunnie. I imagine as the King, with everyone vying for power and position, its easy to think its all about you. lol

Firnlambe: Yeah, the King is particularly stupid at the moment . . . much more than he usually seems to be. BUT you know which character I’m really starting to like . . . . Imhae. I really like this interpretation of him. He’s not nearly as annoying as other versions of him //cough cough// Goddess of Fire //cough cough//

Taleena: Yeah, of course you want to like Beefy McHotsuff, but he is looking out for number one. He is smart enough to see that Gwanghae is not currently a threat but an ally. BUT he will turn on a dime as soon as Prince Liar, Liar Pants on Fire is no longer a threat.

Aunnie: I’m entirely sure he is looking out for himself. I mean, as far as he’s concerned, he knows Gwanghae is solely in his corner so Gwanghae poses no threat to Imhae--at least, not at all like Shinsung does. So I think he’s trust-able right now. When he starts getting that glint in his eye (we know that glint) that’s when I’ll start to be worried.

Wendilynn: I loved them teaming up for the game. Herb girl taught them the tricks of the trade and they went in and stomped all over Honey Badger and his merchant toady. That was so much fun to watch.

Firnlambe: Wait . . . wasn’t he more of a snake this series? lol (W: that’s right!) but yes, I agree that the whole wager game was great. I particularly loved Teddy Bear giving Imhae a great big bear hug (pun not intended).

Aunnie: My only thought I had after they beat Hone--Snake to a pulp was “Did they really think pulling swords out on the actual PRINCE was a good exit strategy? That was colossally stupid on their part.

Taleena: When your back is in a corner . . . cause BMcH is not known for his understanding nature. More than Gwanghae, it was Imhae standing there that made those two have a Bad Boys, “Sh*t just got real”, moment. I think no one quite knows what to make of Gwanghae in the power struggle. He is tenacious but his lack of rough and tumble angling for the throne makes them question what to with him or how to approach him as a threat.

Aunnie: Other than just attempting to kill him, you mean? Haha

Taleena: This whole episode has been an example of Joseon Texas Hold ‘Em. Everyone is trying to figure out who is holding what cards, and how to bluff for advantage. It’s like that line from Rounders though: “If you can’t spot the sucker in the first half hour at the table, you’re the sucker.” Gwanghae is playing them all.

Wendilynn: Agreed. Gwanghae looks like he’s holding all the cards. But I don’t think the ministers are going to be all that warm to giving back the lives they stole. 

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