This weekend, Japanese actress Ueno Juri and K-pop star T.O.P will captivate you with their quest to find true love in Secret Message. The exciting new web drama, which was filmed in Japan and South Korea, is bound to have breathtaking scenery and gorgeous still shots. The leading actress is quite the photographer with her delightful Instagram images you don't want to miss.  

Let's take a look at seven enchanting photos she shared on Instagram.

1. She can do her makeup while taking a selfie at the same time! That has to be considered a unique talent! 

2. Ueno may not have taken this photo, but this adorable snapshot with her Secret Message co-stars is a treasure. Stars Shin Won Ho and T.O.P are the two guys posing with her at the press conference.  

3. This such a lovely flower, and the color is so vibrant. When the harsh winter arrives, it reminds us that warm spring will come again. 


4. This shot of the magical trees in New Zealand looks like cherry blossom festival time! 

5. A delicious bowl of Patbingsu! She know how to make you crave dessert.

6. This is absolutely adorable! Are the two on the right play fighting? 

7. Her 9-year-old pooch took a cute shot with his tongue sticking out. Do you think he is photogenic? 

Ueno's photography skills are simply amazing! Don't forget to watch her incredible acting in Secret Message this Saturday. 

Watch Ueno Juri and T.O.P in the trailer for Secret Message below:

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