Whether you are re-watching an old favorite like Heirs or starting a new drama that just finished airing like Yong Pal, a K-drama marathon is the best way to spend a weekend in! Having a successful marathon night requires some preparation. Because K-dramas can be an emotional affair, be sure to have these important essentials close by in order to get you in the K-drama zone and keep your energy up.

Below are some of these important essentials that will make your K-drama marathon super epic!

1. Ramen

A must for any K-drama watching, this salty noodle soup will really help get you in the mood for your marathon! Add some kimchi and a soft boiled egg, and you will be golden! Speaking of golden, if you happen to have a gold ramen pot, that will definitely help to make your night more epic!

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2. A pillow to scream and cry into

Whether you're screaming because the girl chose the main guy instead of the second guy or because the two meant-to-be characters just missed each other in an elevator, a pillow is a great thing to have around! You don't want your family or neighbors to get angry because of your screaming or worry that you are in actual trouble. So have that pillow ready because you never know when a drama is going to make you want to scream!

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3. Tissues

If you can make it through an entire melodramatic K-drama without tearing up, you must be a robot! Be sure to have plenty of tissues around for those oh-so dramatic scenes, especially towards the end. K-dramas are known for unfairly messing with your emotions.

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4. Lots of snacks!

You will need a lot of snacks to help keep your energy up while marathoning. A classic treat is Pepero or Pocky — both are perfect for nibbling on while you immerse yourself in Dramaland.

5. Face Mask Sheets

A great way to multitask while watching K-dramas is to do a face mask or two! That way, while you are watching the beautiful stars on the screen, you can help make your skin equally beautiful! It is getting easier and easier to find Korean-style sheet masks (check out Memebox or even Amazon), so have a few on hand so you can feel refreshed in the middle of your marathoning!

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6. Sunglasses

Sunglasses will definitely be necessary for after you finish your marathon. When you finally decide to emerge from Dramaland and venture into the world again, the sun will be very bright! So don't forget the sunglasses — you will thank us!

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7. A friend

While marathoning a K-drama by yourself is fun, it is doubly amazing to marathon with a friend who shares your obsession with K-dramas! It's great to have someone to swoon with as well as rant with when things don't always go the way they should in the drama! My friend and I love to watch K-dramas together so much that we started a series here on DramaFever called K-drama Confessional, where we talk about all things Dramaland! Check out the first article HERE and the latest one HERE!

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8. DramaFever Premium

The best way to marathon both classic and newer favorite dramas is with DramaFever Premium! You can watch hours of your favorite K-dramas with no, or fewer, commercial breaks. And you get a great community here on DramaFever to share what you thought of the drama you just watched! Definitely a win win!

What are your K-drama marathon necessities? Be sure to comment down below and share the things that you always have to have when you watch K-dramas!

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