Lee Jonghyun's Evergreen (That Man, Oh Soo) kicked off its exciting premiere on Monday. Only two episodes in, we're already under this drama's spell. We were blown away by the perfect mix between hints of romance and elements of the supernatural. Let's reminisce about eight scenes during premiere week that already have us hooked.

1. Learning about Oh Soo's (Lee Jonghyun) supernatural ability to see "love colors" around people was thrilling! By sensing the love aura around individuals he can determine how deeply in love they really are.

2. Oh Soo's brother, Oh Ga Nah, thoroughly enjoying Oh Soo's blind dates was hysterical! Who knew someone else's blind dates could be so much fun?

3. Our leading man's weak attempt at trying to apprehend an alleged criminal accidentally turned into a classic K-drama back hug. Even the high school girls who asked him for help got annoyed!

4. That moment when Seo Yoo Ri's longtime boyfriend admits that he wants to get married to someone else was outrageous! She waited years for his proposal, but instead, Oh Soo's love potion forced her cheating boyfriend to finally tell her the truth.

5. Yoo Ri's old classmate (Kang Tae Oh) accidentally ran into her at the ER. It was a little upsetting when she deserted him and got a ride home with Oh Soo. It seems he's been dying to reconnect with her for years but didn't have her contact information. I have a feeling he'll be Oh Soo's love rival throughout the series.

6. The moment we learn about Oh Soo's tree tattoo we wonder if he'll mysteriously turn into a K-drama villain. A leading man with secret ink isn't common in dramaland. If he's good, he would want to flaunt his trendy tattoo!

7. Our main couple showed their vulnerabilities when they were stuck in the elevator. Yoo Ri (Kim So Eun) admitted she was scared right away, but Oh Soo hid his fear until the last minute.

8. We begin to wonder if Oh Soo is a superhero when he collapses because his tattoo starts to fade. Plus, the seemingly magical tree in his home is dying too.

Which scenes from the first two episodes piqued your interest?


Evergreen (That Man, Oh Soo)

Starring Lee Jong Hyun and Kim So Eun

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