We are just days away from 2016!  With a brand new year right around the corner, it's time to start New Year's Eve party preparations. Once the decorations and menu have been checked off your list, you will need the perfect background drama. Let your guests be greeted by some of the most cheerful and fun K-dramas this holiday. The following is a list to get your party started in the right direction.

1. Because It's The First Time

This is an authentic feel-good drama for youngsters and young at heart. The short series is about being love for the first time with some additional heartwarming stories included. Even though Tae Oh and Ji Ahn form a love triangle with their close friend Song Yi, don't expect the typical K-drama ending. You will be pleasantly surprised with Because It's The First Time.

2. Twenty Again

This series had all the charm of a vintage drama, but the sophistication of a modern production. The heartbroken housewife, No Ra, was able to make three guys fall in love with her without even trying!  Twenty Again will definitely make you laugh and cry. It's a roller coaster ride that is so worth it. 

3. Noble, My Love

Kang Hoon's obsession with Yoon Seo was a little overbearing at times, but the scenarios were hilarious for a short K-drama. Stars Sung Hoon and Kim Jae Kyung's on-screen chemistry was so convincing that they should seriously consider dating in real life. 

4. She Was Pretty

Hye Jin and Sung Joon's relationship transitioned from lemons to cotton candy in 16 episodes! The childhood playmates let their initial puppy love fizzle out, and they butted heads in the workplace years later. Thankfully, K-drama magic stepped into this upbeat comedy and turned it into candy land.... in a good way. 

5. Tomorrow Cantabile

It's crush overload when a young college student falls for her music conductor. Nae Il and Yoo Jin's unlikely love story will have you laughing out loud. The show was a pure delight from start to finish. 

6. I Need Romance 3

Joo Yeon was faced with the difficult decision of continuing a relationship with a hot boss she liked or dating another hot rich guy who adored her since they were kids. These are the tough choices we all want to face! True love takes center stage in this sexy series about following your heart.

7. Heartstrings

It was an absolute joy to watch Shin and Kyu Won's sweet college romance. The soundtrack alone was enough to draw me into their fabulous fictional world. Did anyone else think supporting character Joon (CNBlue's Kang Min Hyuk) was adorable with or without the glasses?

Which fun K-drama will you be watching at your New Year's Eve Bash?

Check out Because It's the First Time now:

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