Eboni: Who loves a bad boy? I DO! I DO! So I guess I am the only one, huh? I am certain I am not, but if I am, I will walk this obsession alone. *sniff sniff* With that being said, Falling in Love With Soon Jung has some pretty ruthless male characters — how are we to decipher who is a bad boy against the bad men? Join Amy, Akua, and me as we discuss the difference in the characters of FILWSJ. Ready, set, GO!

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Ekun: Ladies, I have to admit; I seriously have a bias when it comes to Jung Kyung Ho as an actor. And my excitement was all too much when I discovered he was pairing up with Yoon Hyun Min again (all my Heartless City fans know what I mean)! But it looks like the Doctor’s Son and Soo’s reunion is not what I expected. For one is what I call a “Bad Boy,” while one is totally a “Bad Man”! The line is thin—but there, thoughts?

Akua: Talk about unexpected surprises! We all know how K-drama loooves to throw us on these wild and crazy loops from nowhere but whooooa! I wasn’t expecting anything of what I saw! First of all, I’m so not used to seeing Park Young Gyu as a bad guy! Yeah — maybe a crazy, impulsive, slightly bumbling CEO father always trying to scam the system like in Protect the Boss, but not as a certified cold, calculating, “I-will-kill you-and-make-you-take-the-blame” Chairman!!!

Amy: I’m not familiar with most of the actors so I came into this with very few expectations. I like it when the bad characters have layers and aren’t just bad. I also like the complexity of the Chairman. He is bad, but he knows how to make himself look good. It is interesting to me when villains are able to disguise themselves so well!

Ekun: He is totally the definition of a Bad Man! So not only did he destroy his brother’s name, steal his company, and blame him for illegal activity—he is all like, “let me destroy your dying son, Min Ho my nephew, too”! What a horrible person!

Akua: I couldn't agree with you more! I mean the way they set up Kang Min Ho you would have thought he was the devil incarnate! Untiiiiiill, you get a glimpse of slick Lee Joon Hee! And then you realize the apple doesn't fall too far from the poison tree!! You kind of sympathize with his pain, but kind of see his moves as 'jerkish'!

Ekun: There is not ‘jerkish’ about it! Joon Hee is another example of a bad man. For he was already in a position as the “trash man” for Chairman Ahjussi; doing all manner of things that dabble in illegal activity. So contaminating a product to take over a company is the next logical step. My question is: Did he kill Dong Wook!?

Amy: I wasn’t expecting Joon Hee to be so bad! He has a grudge and is greedy-- two of the main ingredients for a bad man! He took his badness too far, though, if he killed Dong Wook.

Akua: So we agree that Joon Hee is ungood?? And that maybe, just maybe Kang isn't as bad as they want us to believe?

Amy: I don’t think that Kang Min Ho is as bad as they want us to believe. Yeah he is bad and has a really awful temper, but he went through a lot of crap that nobody should experience; and he saw it as a nine year old kid! That would mess anyone up. I get where he is coming from even if I don’t agree with his actions.

Ekun: Kang Min Ho is revenge driven--and I am on board for his revenge. I know that it really gains nothing in the end, but I will miss the bad boy with the hair of flames and spouting off at the mouth every chance he gets.

Akua: I have to admit that I find Min Ho's flaming pompadour highly attractive. I see a hairstyle war between him and Joon Hee!

Amy: I just find Min Ho attractive. Ha ha! I don’t think I’ve seen a drama with Jung Kyung Ho before. I should probably remedy that.

Ekun: Have you seen Heartless City? If not you should. Then you would understand its not just the flames. LOL

Akua: Ayegoooo! I will have to check that out! Hehehe.

Ekun: Do that girl! Both of you… So about Joon Hee and Soon Jung...

Akua: I smell the smoke of love quadrangles!! Did you catch the look Joon Hee gave Soon Jung and Dong Wook as he watched them walk away after the engagement? And how he threw away the antacids in a fit???? Mmmhmm, I wouldn't put it past him to interfere with that love!!

Amy: Since Dong Wook is out of the way now I have a feeling Joon Hee will try to stake his claim. He obviously likes Soon Jung and she trusts him; so if he is smart he will try to seize this opportunity while he can. I don’t support him, but that is the way to do it if you want the girl.

Ekun: Well, Dong Wook is unfortunately dead. So he can’t interfere with that love story--it is done. But he will certainly try to get at Soon Jung. Usually, I have a soft spot for second leads--but he was trash from the first moment I saw him.

Akua: Oh my gosh, what a way to die (Dong Wook)!!! And I loved his personality! He was such a great complement to Soon Jung! The questions are whether or not Min Ho got Dong Wook's heart and if so, if that will affect how he feels about Soon Jung??

Amy: Kdrama writers love killing off the really good guys or guys I get attached to. Shut Up Flower Boy Band anyone? Sigh. 

We got to see at the end of the episode that Min Ho is at least a little different. He even tapped that little girl’s nose like Dong Wook. That hints that he did receive Dong Wook’s heart but I guess we’ll have to wait and see what will come of it.

Ekun: Flower Boy Band?! Don't remind me! *Lee Min Ki flashbacks* Well that is why we have bad boys, bad men, and Soon Jung. So far, I am not really interested in her because it was just the setup episodes. I want to like her, but I am not quite sure why everyone (Dong Wook, Joon Hee, and even Min Ho) are enamored by her.

Akua: What about that mole Director Yoon? He looks like he should die a slow painful death involving cement in the end! 

I know we're talking bad guys but I already love Tae Seok and Jung Goo. Did you see how Joon Hee treats his dad??? Appaaaalling!

Amy: His poor dad. He seems like such a sweet guy too. Even if you are a bad man you shouldn’t mistreat your dad like that. There has to be a line.

Ekun: I know right!? Another reason you can’t respect Joon Hee. I understand being frustrated with your dad for not doing what you want; but he is still your father who loves and raised you. The minimal respect is a given. Ugh!

Hopes and dreams for the show: This segment shares what we expect to see in the next few weeks. Go! Go! Go!

Akua: We are gonna see a whole lot more evil from Dong Wook and a whole lot of deep heartache from Min Ho!!! And I have a feeling we haven't even begun to plumb the nastiness that is the Chairman!!!

Ekun: I want the show to give me a reason for everyone being in love with Soon Jung. I can’t wait to see Jung Kyung Ho Oppa take on the characteristics of Dong Wook and shenanigans that will follow.

Amy: I just really want to see Min Ho learning how to be a better person and Joon Hee getting the punishment he deserves. As far as Soon Jung goes I hope she turns into a badass who isn’t such a pushover and speaks up for herself.

Akua: Hahahaha Yaaaaaaaas! Something tells me Soon Jung is hiding secrets!

Well, what are you all thinking about the first episodes of FILWSJ? Are you in love with Soon Jung? Do you love the Bad Boy? Are you secretly in love with the Bad Man (Don’t tell us that—we will be knocking on your door. LOL)? Are you heartbroken over Dong Wook? Until next time, peace!

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