Kai and Krystal are South Korea's new K-Pop power couple! The two SMTOWN singers have delighted fans for years and made them fall in love. Now the EXO hottie and f(x) darling are paving their own way to happiness by dating each other. Surprisingly, fans are welcoming their new relationship with open arms, because they have been shipping them for quite awhile. Now we just need for them to star in a K-drama together to make our fangirl dreams come true! Today, I have listed ten fangirl reasons why they would be our K-drama dream couple.

1.  They are a couple in real life

Their on-screen chemistry would be electric, because they already have genuine feelings for one another.

2. They are both actors

Kai played a convincing playboy in EXO Next Door and blew online audiences away with Choco Bank. (coming soon to DramaFever). Krystal has graced the screen with her acting skills in dramas like My Lovable Girl and Heirs

3. Kai and Krystal are adorable

Admit it! You know this couple is not only powerful in K-Pop but in the beauty department as well.

4. Fans have been shipping them for awhile

K-Pop fans have been speculating the two had feelings for each other long before they made it official. SMTown performances and award shows gave them away.

5. Their drama would be the most popular musical of the year, because they are incredible and dancers

Magic happens when these two dance! The K-Pop world has been in awe of their dancing skills for years. Imagine what would happen if they danced together in a K-drama.

6. Fans would count down the days until they arrived in their country to promote their K-drama

Meeting K-Pop idols from two mega groups in one place is the ultimate dream come true. 

7. Press conference photos would give fans more amazing meme opportunities

The idols would actually be standing side by side making great facial expressions. That's instant photos for more hilarious and heartwarming memes

8. He trusts his girl with his best friend SHINee's Taemin

You don't see Kai being the jealous type when his friend posed with Krystal and even kissed her on-stage. That is some major BFF trust! Plus, if Taemin played an on-screen rival it would all be in fun. 

9. They can play matchmaker for Taemin and Amber on-screen

Who doesn't love Taemin and f(x)'s Amber? They are both stand-out members in their groups! When they teamed up for this song in 2012,  I really wanted to see them on We Got Married. Tamber needs to be born!

10.  Kai and Krystal can cover hot songs like Seo In Guk's "Tease Me" during karaoke scenes

 The world loves cover songs! If Kai and Krystal covered a smooth track like "Tease Me," it would definitely go viral!

Those are some possible fangirl reasons. What type of K-drama would you like to see the idols star in?

Kai's Choco Bank is coming soon to DramaFever! Add it to your queue now!


Choco Bank

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