Jane Austen's endearing love stories have made single people around the world believe in true love. Her tales prove that love can overcome any obstacle and win in the end. Austen's heroines always get their men. Plus, their happily ever after is so worth the wait.  Who was the author behind these timeless classics? The 2008 BBC film Miss Austen Regrets illustrates the relationships she had that created her beloved stories and introduces you to the real Jane Austen. I have listed five fantastic reasons you should definitely tune in to see Miss Austen Regrets on DramaFever.

1. The film gives you the backstory for Pride and Prejudice.

When Austen was 27 years old, a rich landowner proposed to her. Poor Jane Austen initially accepted him, but she turned him down the next day after further deliberation. This resembles the prideful Elizabeth Bennet when she received her first proposal from Mr. Darcy and turned him down. He proposed the wrong way, but she wasn't really in a favorable financial position to refuse him.

2. You see glimpses of Sense and Sensibility in author Austen herself.

At 20 years old, Austen met her true love, who never proposed to her and married a wealthy lady. After more proposals and her mother's anger towards her for not marrying a rich man, she eventually lost interest in marriage altogether. The Reverend Brook Bridges desired to marry Austen, but she had him play the waiting game until he eventually gave up and married someone else. 

In real life, Austen literally felt the emotions her characters Elinor and Marianne had while trying to court. She suffered the harsh sting of rejection, and she made a man like Colonel Brandon patiently wait by her side.

3. Austen becomes her character Emma.

Jane Austen influenced her niece's decision to break up with her possible suitor,John Plumptre. In Austen's Emma, Harriet Smith was persuaded by Emma to not accept a poor farmer's marriage proposal.

4. The film stars the lovely Olivia Williams.

Williams is one of England's beloved actresses known for her roles in The Sixth Sense, Emma and Anna Karenina. The 46-year-old married star and mother of three played the role of  bachelorette Austen perfectly. Even though she is wife and mother, you won't be able to tell she can't relate in real life to Austen's situation.

5. It will compel you to watch every production based on Austen's addictive romantic novels.

After you see Miss Austen Regrets, you will jump at the opportunity to watch every film and TV series based on her novels. Seeing art imitate life is fascinating through the eyes of Austen. You will feel like you know more about the relationship woes she went through when you watch the trials of her heroines. 

Are you ready to learn more about the real Jane Austen through Miss Austen Regrets?

Shelly M is an author and blogger. Follow her personal blog at BTSCelebs.com.