Secret of the Three Kingdoms is a brand new historical saga that presents a fresh take on the legendary Three Kingdoms era in ancient China. The new adaptation begins with the Emperor's secret twin brother who has no idea of his true lineage. The dynamic story, starring charismatic youthful leading men Ma Tian Yu (Ice Fantasy) and Elvis Han (Wu Xin: The Monster Killer), has already caught many viewers' attention. Let's take a closer look at some of the fascinating characters in the drama.


1. Emperor Liu Xie and twin brother Liu Ping (both played by Ma Tian Yu).

Liu Xie ascended to the throne at the age of nine, and did not have real power against the ruthless Duke Cao. All his marriages were made with daughters of important ministers. How will Liu Ping find his own way to secure peace for the nation?

2. Sima Yi (Elvis Han) - He is the second son of a prominent family whose patriarch used to be an imperial minister.

Liu Ping grew up in the Sima family and they are like brothers, despite having very different personalities. He has a sharp intellect and can see right through deception. Will the two friends always maintain their brotherhood bond?

3. Empress Fu Shou (Wan Qian) - She is entrusted by the young Emperor to tutor the twin brother in order to secure the future of Han Dynasty.

Does she succeed? Does she have other motives? According to historical archives, she was definitely strongly against Duke Cao Cao.

4. Princess Consort Tang Ing (Dong Jie), the widow of the previous Emperor, who was the current Emperor's elder brother and died young at the hands of Duke Cao Cao. According to history, she was loyal to the late Emperor and refused other marriage offers.

In this new adaptation, it's very exciting to see her possessing martial arts chops. You should see her fight at night!

5. Cao Cao - The Duke who controls the Emperor as his puppet. ~ He is the "big bad guy."

He is extremely suspicious, cunning, ruthless and ambitious. Historians are mixed in how to assess his achievement because of his brutality.

*By the way, in case you didn't know the Chinese Pinyin system. Cao is not pronounce Kao. It's pronounced like Tsao. .

6. Cao Pi (Tan Jianci, or JC-T for his singer name) - Cao Cao's second son and his heir apparent.

It's unclear so far how he will be presented in this new adaptation. In recorded history, he is known to be ambitious and would even try to kill his own young brother, who was more intelligent and talented, in order to secure his own position.

7. Guo Jia (Sunny Wang) - a talented military strategist who works for Cao Cao.

8. Ren Hongchang (Dong Xuan) - one of the top four beauties as recorded in Chinese historical legends. She is often portrayed in novels and dramas related to the Three Kingdoms.

According to legends, her other name was Diao Chan, which is literally translated to "Mink Cicada" based on the two characters. (I dare say that no one else in China has that name, because it is so unique that it can only belong to one woman in history.)

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Secret of the Three Kingdoms - 三国机密之潜龙在渊

Starring Ma Tian Yu and Elvis Han

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Secret of the Three Kingdoms has enthralled viewers from the first moment the drama starts. Have you tried it?

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