Seo Kang Joon returns to television in the long awaited fantasy series Are You Human Too? on June 4! The handsome actor, who has s string of great productions under his belt, worked with a variety of stars with different personalities. Did they clash or become best friends off-screen? Let's find the answer to that question now.

1. Gong Seung Yeon

Next month, we'll be able to experience the electric on-screen chemistry between Seo and Gong Seung Yeon, and we can't wait!The actress recently told us about her working relationship with the star behind-the-scenes. "I learned a lot from Seo Kang Joon. There were times when I reconstructed and scolded myself while watching him. I gain a lot of strength from him," she said.

2. Nam Ji Hyun

The young actress landed a fellow supporting role alongside the 5urprise member in the 2014 KBS2 series What Happens to My Family?. She had a hard time getting to know him in the beginning, but he became apart of the family as time went by. "Although Kang Joon oppa was awkward at first, we got closer as we went. Because [Hyungsik, Kang Joon and I] are really playful, we were playful with each other and joked around," she explained in an interview with Newsen.

3. Minah

The Girls' Day member gradually got to know her co-star on the set of their 2014 web drama A Better Tomorrow. It took awhile for the two to get comfortable, but she acknowledged that he would be stiff competition for any singer with his handsome appearance and unbelievable talent. "At first he had a cold, city-like aura. He didn't talk much and seemed like he was shy." She then added, "But once I got to know him, he was very nice and because he had more experience in acting than I did, he taught me a lot. There is a scene in which Seo Kang Joon is dancing, and I'm just watching him in the crowd. In that scene, I thought I was watching Rain during his rookie days. Even the people who were there watching with me said the same," the idol said at the show's press conference.

4. Sohee

Seo co-starred with the former Wonder Girls member in 2016 TVN comedy drama Entourage. Although the pair shared a steamy kiss, she just considered him one of the kind older brothers who helped make her time on-set comfortable. "I've met Lee Kwang Soo oppa on Running Man, but this is the first time working with him. And I met Seo Kang Joon, Park Jung Min oppa, and Lee Dong Hwi oppa for the first time. At first, I was worried that it'll be uncomfortable working with mostly males and oppas, but I was able to complete filming joyfully because they treated me very comfortably," she told HIgh Cut magazine in an exclusive interview.

5. Park Jung Min

During an interview with Singapore-based media outlet The Seoul Story, Park admitted that his Entourage co-star is the life of the party. When asked who the funniest cast member was, he quickly chose Seo Kang Joon. "Because he is the youngest, he doesn’t hesitate to say anything lovely or funny to his brothers."

Which actor's comments about Seo Kang Joon surprised you the most?

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