We've already given you some great K-drama Halloween costumes, but we thought of even more that you can DIY at the last minute! Whether you're looking for a costume for yourself or for you and your group of K-drama obsessed friends that you can enter into DramaFever's Hallyu Halloween costume contest, you will be sure to find the perfect costume idea!

Scroll through to see what K-drama themed Halloween costumes you can DIY this week! And be sure to let us know in the comments if you can think of any other costume ideas!

1. Cindy - Producer

Cindy's style in Producer was an amazing combination of cute and sweet to dark and edgy. My personal favorite look of hers was her all black ensemble that definitely turned heads during her live performance in episode one. And it is easy to recreate! Simply pair together a bunch of black pieces including a skirt, sheer or mesh top, and black heeled boots and you will be rocking like Cindy! You could even get a friend to dress up as Baek Seung Chan and go as a couple!

2. Mini Min Hee - Tomorrow's Cantabile

Min Hee, or Mini Min Hee as she is dubbed by Naeil, is my favorite secondary character in Tomorrow's Cantabile. She is absolutely adorable, especially when she is lugging around her bass that is easily twice the size of her. So if you happen to have a friend who plays the bass and will loan you their case (minus the instrument), you are already half way there! Just put together a cute Mini Min Hee like outfit complete with some adorable mary janes, and you are ready to go! Just be sure to eat all food in sight and pretend to struggle carrying your heavy case!

3. Seven Personalities - Kill Me, Heal Me (Group Costume)

This would be a fun group costume idea to pull off with six of your equally K-drama obsessed friends! Every member of your group can be a different personality: Do Hyun, Shin Se Gi, Mr. X, Nana, Yoseob, Yoona, and Terry Park! Each personality has a distinct style that you can recreate with thrift store finds or even pieces of your own wardrobe! Be sure to re-watch Kill Me, Heal Me together to make sure you all nail your chosen personalities! Behavior is everything when it comes to representing each personality!

4. Baek Mae Ri - Orange Marmalade

With a twist on the traditional school girl Halloween costume, Baek Mae Ri is one of my favorite choices for Halloween this year! Pair a blazer and plaid skirt with some white shoes and a pink backpack. Then to take your costume to another level add some vampire teeth, fake blood splatters, and purple contacts. You will be the spitting image of Mae Ri!

5. Cheon Song Yi and Do Min Joon - My Love From Another Star (Couple Costume)

Why not convince your friend (or significant other) to go as the quintessential K-drama couple — Song Yi and Min Joon! The Hallyu star's and alien's looks are easy to recreate! There are so many coordinating outfit choices from My Love From Another Star but one of my favorites is Song Yi's tweed/plaid/faux fur ensemble paired with Do Min Joon's staple suit and blue coat. You will certainly be the best dressed couple on Halloween!

6. Rooftop Prince (Group Costume)

Another fun group costume is to recreate the five main characters from Rooftop Prince — Park Ha and her four Joseon era friends! Park Ha's outfit is just as simple as the red, yellow, green, and blue track suits worn by the four men. Just pair and over-sized pink sweater with a flannel tied around your waist and black jeans. Accessorize with a cute royal blue purse and some black sneakers and you are good to go!

7. Dam Yeo Wool - Gu Family Book

If cute and funny isn't your style, why not dress up as the badass martial arts instructor Dam Yeo Wool (played by Bae Suzy) from Gu Family Book? This is a slightly more involved costume and may require some cutting and sewing depending on what clothing options you are able to find, but it is still super easy. Start with a plain white long sleeved shirt and some blue pants. Then cut of the sleeves of either a blue or black bathrobe to get Yeo Wool's look! Depending on the color of your robe, you can sew on different fabric accents to get the two toned effect Yeo Wool rocks (or just use fabric glue). Use more fabric to make her arm guards, put your hair into a bun, and find a toy sword or bow and arrow set to complete your look!

8. Go Mi Nam - You're Beautiful

Who doesn't want to be Go Mi Nam? You get to dress up like a boy, be in Korea's hottest band, and have three adorable guys fighting for your attention! I loved Go Mi Nam's blue jacket and grey scarf ensemble and it's easy to recreate! Don't forget your bow barrette, star necklace, and pig rabbit! Bonus points if you can find a friend to dress up as Jeremy or Tae Kyung!

Which of these K-drama Halloween costumes would you love to pull off? What are you going to be for Halloween? Don't forget to submit your final costumes to our costume contest for a chance to win fun prizes! Find all of the details HERE.

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