Are you looking for a different kind of screen adaption? Did you like Battle Royale and Death Note? Are you suspicious of your smartphone? Answer yes to any of the above, and I strongly suggest you check out Future Diary: Another World, a live-action series based on the original Future Diary manga.

The show originally aired on Fuji TV, but now the 11-episode series can be seen in its entirety on DramaFever, and it's certainly worth checking out.

Future Portents and School Stalkers

Fans of the manga will be familiar with the premise: you first meet Arata Hoshino, a happy-go-lucky college student who's close to graduating, but so far he's given little thought to his future. He aimlessly bounces around between classes and hanging with his friends. But as you expect, his detached attitude doesn't last long.

After a cell phone mishap, his friend Rui loans him a sleek new Chronus model to serve as a replacement. The next morning, Arata learns that the Chronus is no ordinary phone: its diary app starts posting future entries that consistently come true: events around the house, news stories and even answers to Arata's economics quiz.

After class that day, Arata meets Yuno, a fellow student who has developed a creepy stalker-crush for him. She's somehow just as familiar with his phone's bizarre diary entries, but as you find out, Arata's not the only one with a Chronus model.

Unique Twists on the Original Manga

If you're unfamiliar with the manga or anime series, the story starts from scratch, so you'll be able to jump right in. Fans of the former series, however, will enjoy a fresh new take on the original. For starters, there are significantly fewer characters in the live-action than there are in the manga. This allows the series to provide enough depth to the characters, even though it's shorter than the original.

The characters in this series were also given slightly different traits: Arata is friendlier and more jovial than Yuki, the main protagonist in the original. Yuno is nicer, too; still a sketchy creeper, just... not as psycho.

ventually, Arata realizes that he and his friends have been forced into a deadly game of survival, controlled by an unknown entity known only as "Deus." The evil plot also involves a serial killer, a local policeman, and the CEO of Chronus Seed Corporation. But how will they survive? Who's pulling the strings? And what happens between Arata and Yuno? The series ends on a satisfying note, but you'll have to watch for yourself to find out the details.

All 11 Episodes Free at Dramafever

Whether you're new to Future Diary or you're already familiar with the anime and manga, you'll enjoy the live-action series. Check it out at Dramafever's live-action website and let us know what you think. Just be sure to turn your phone off before you start watching.


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