G-Dragon, leader of the internationally famous K-pop group BIG BANG, has landed himself in hot water yet again for allegedly being involved with drugs.

Apparently, sometime yesterday, G-Dragon posted to his Instagram a photo of a heart shaped out of what is possibly a powder substance with the name "Molly" written inside of it. Now, for those who don't know; "Molly" is just a cute name for MDMA, an ingredient in ecstasy. It works as both a psychedelic and a stimulant.

After that photo was posted, there was obviously no love for Molly because followers and the media responded angrily towards the possible suggestion of drug use, and the photo was taken down shortly after. On the Korean media site 'Nate,' people were going off in their comments saying things about YG Entertainment like, "the CEO need to educate his idols more," etc. 

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Now if you don't know, back in 2011 GD had a crazy drug scandal involving smoking marijuana at some club in Japan. I'll never forget it because not only did I write about it, but I, as well as others, was floored how everyone actually believed his excuse. He claimed someone handed him what he thought was a cigarette but that when he smoked it, it didn't taste right. He seriously claimed he had no idea that he was smoking marijuana, and law enforcement believed him! That scandal is still hilarious, but back to this new one.

Now, no one can charge him for anything because it's just a picture. But the picture is a heart with a drug name written inside of it, which in my world equates to a love for "Molly," but that's purely my opinion. However, if this gets spun out to something like "GD has a new dog and her name is Molly..." I'm gonna go all Rooftop Prince Tae Mu-style and throw a potted plant at my laptop screen. 

There hasn't been any recent update on the scandal as of now, but I'll update you as soon as news becomes available.

Do you think the media and netizens are as usual just being over-dramatic about GD's photo post, or do you actually think they may have a valid argument this time around? Comment below!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE