Kwak Dong Yeon deserves to be the leading man in his next project after his stellar performance in My ID is Gangnam Beauty. He completely immersed himself in the Woo Young character, and viewers adore him for it. There are several scenes in the series where we couldn't help but fall in love with him. Let's reminisce about some of those swoon worthy scenes now.

1. Who doesn't love a man who can win a good arm wrestling match? He used all his strength to beat Kyung Seok and impress the ladies. It's too bad Mi Rae's best friend Hyun Jung was the only one impressed.

2. Woo Young is clueless about how handsome and charming he really is. When a student wrote him a love letter, he was completely blown away and in a daze for awhile. (Episode 12)

3. His love confession to Mi Rae was superficial and sweet all at the same time. Initially, he was only attracted to her appearance, but he grew to love her personality and heart as well. (Episode 12)

4. The bromance scene was wonderful. We were all a little jealous of Kyung Seok when he was given the privilege of brushing Woo Young's precious teeth.

5. His unofficial dates with Mi Rae's best friend are priceless. Hyun Jung asked him out and secretly gave him hints about how she feels about him. He pretends not to notice, but his reactions are so cute! (Episodes 13 and 14)

Which scene in the drama made you an instant Kwak Dong Yeon fan?

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