Do you want to see more of Cha Eun Woo?

The Astro member stars in the teen short series Revenge Note! Eun Woo plays the best friend of the protagonist's brother. The rom-com, which is now available to binge-watch on DramaFever, is all about a bullied girl using a magical app to get back at those who wronged her. My ID is Gangnam Beauty fans are already getting attached to the handsome Eun Woo as character Kyung Seok. It should be a delight to see him in another series!

Let's take a look at several of his Gangnam Beauty scenes that should get you excited to see Revenge Note.

1. Kyung Seok was literally in awe when he saw Mi Rae for the first time in years. You have to admit her dance was hilariously sexy!

2. Transforming into a knight in shining armor was easy for Kyung Seok! He saved Mi Rae not once, but twice! That's not including the times he nobly caught her before she fell.

3. What is the sexiest way to ask someone out? You can surprise them when they are doing household chores! Kyung Seok was so jealous of Mi Rae happily agreeing to hang out with Woo Young. He had to ask her out too! The school assignment excuse came in handy.

4. Freezing showers mean nothing to him. This minor obstacle just makes him look even more attractive.

5. Kyung Seok is not ashamed of public display of confession. When a teen boy started hitting on Mi Rae during their bus ride, he boldly confessed that her was her boyfriend. It's too bad he didn't tell Mi Rae about it first.

6. Arm wrestling is taken very seriously by Kyung Seok. He was willing to do anything to impress his crush. It's too bad the outcome wasn't what he expected.

7. Despite the circumstances, he was elated to be carrying the girl of his dreams home. Her drinking mishap let him show off in front of his mother, Woo Young, and Mi Rae's best friend.

Now you're ready to start enjoying your Revenge Note marathon today!


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