Choco Bank is one of those charming web dramas you can't help but finish in one sitting. Actress Park Eun Bin is absolutely delightful alongside EXO'Kai, and many fans were probably ready to ship the pair before Kaistal was born. Park has actually been showered with on-screen heartthrobs as her love interests for awhile. Let's take a look at a few of the gorgeous guys who have romanced her on-screen.

1. Lee Hyun Woo 

When they played the younger versions of characters General Gye Baek and Eun Ko, you could see where their powerful love story began in Gye Baek. They became attached to each other early on, and their hearts intertwined. 

2. Yoo Seung Ho 

He played her childhood friend Kang Baek Ho in the fantasy romantic comedy Operation Proposal. He time traveled to prove his love for Yi Seul.

3. Lee Hyun Jin 

He was the guy who wasn't afraid to propose to Yi Seul in Operation Proposal. The show actually began with the pair on their wedding day.

4. Lee Je Hoon

He played her husband in the the 2014 SBS historical series about a king and prince fighting over the issue of equality. In Secret Door, he portrayed Lee Sun (Crown Prince Sado) and she was his Lady Hyegyeong. 

5. Kai

The EXO member plays the aspiring banker who accidentally falls in love with his co-worker in Choco Bank. When he and Ha Choco become partners in her chocolate store, sparks begin to fly!

Which gorgeous guy is your celebrity crush? 


Choco Bank

Starring Kim Jong In (Kai) and Park Eun Bin

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