The hot K-dramas like Descendants of the Sun, Doctor CrushCheese in the Trap and Uncontrollably Fond and more have made many examine their love lives. Stars' electric chemistry on-screen is enough to spark just a little jealous in the most kind-hearted K-drama fan. The gorgeous couple's surge of emotions and affection the characters show each other keep us all glued to the screen episode after episode. Today, I decided to list eight couples (human and supernatural)we saw this year that we couldn't help but envy. 

1. Yoo Shi Jin and Kang Mo Yeon (Descendants of the Sun)

Besides being the main couple of the most popular series of the year, Yoo and Kang had such a heartwarming love story. It was love at first sight for Yeo. It just took a little longer for Kang to realize she couldn't live without him. 

2. Seo Dae Young and Yoon Myung Joo (Descendants of the Sun)

The seemingly star-crossed lovers had a rocky road after Yoon's father told Seo to stay away from his daughter. Despite Seo's attempts to disappear from her sight, true love prevailed.

3. Kwon Eun Taek and Jang Bo Ra (Cheese in a Trap)

We all became attached to Yoo Jung and Hong Seol from the very beginning even though it was a little creepy. Along the way, Baek In Ho stole Yoo Jung's  thunder anyway. However, Eun Taek and Bo Ra had viewers around the world fangirling for their undeniable devotion to each other. He never shied away from being open about his feelings, but it took just took a little longer for Bo Ra to reciprocate.

 4. Hong Ji Hong and Hye Jung (Doctor Crush)

Their platonic love turned into one of the most ardent K-drama love affairs of the summer. Not only did they fall head over heels for each other, they were both instrumental in helping each heal their emotional wounds. Hong struggled to overcome the tragic death of his biological parents and his adopted dad, while Hye Jung is still a work in progress regarding her dad abandoning her and grandmother's unexpected passing. 

 5. Bong Pal and Hyun Ji (Let's Fight Ghost)

This has to be one of the most frightening pairings this year! A college student and ghost is not anybody's first choice to envy, but you can't help loving how sweet they are with each other. Hyun Ji adores her human love, while he can't help tending to her needs and saving her from drowning. 

 6. Pi Young Kook and Jin Seo Woo (Doctor Crush)

It's very apparent that Seo Woo's BFF at work has been crushing on her for quite awhile. When she come out of the Yoon Do love fog, she will finally realize how much Young Kook truly cares for her. YoungWoo couple for the win! 

 7. Chani and MInAh (Click Your Heart)

Even though he was only with her spirit, viewers were promised a very happy ending for the sweet couple at the very end. Chani brought so much joy into MinAh's sad life that you couldn't help but root for the pair. She became the ultimate good luck charm for him. 

8. Shin Joon Young and No Eul (Uncontrollably Fond)

No one wants the love of their life to be dying, and I really hope the writer spares Joon Young's life. However, the way he is treating No Eul in recent weeks is enough to make every viewer say "Aww". He is determined to shower No Eul with as much love as possible before its too late. 

Which couple did you envy the most so far this year? Is there one particular love story you are looking forward to seeing in the second half of 2016? 

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