In a world full of amazing K-dramas, there are just some actors who make us love them. Whether it be their superior acting, their great looks, their fantastic personality, or whatever else, we cannot help falling in love with certain stars time and time again.

This list is dedicated to the South Korean male actors who pretty much embody the word "love."

1. Song Seung Hun

Autumn In My Heart introduced this heartthob to the world. He continued to show us what pure undying love was in Summer Scent. Production after production has only displayed the acting versatility of one of my ultimate K-drama crushes who can define love in each role. Can you honestly say you haven't fallen in love with one of his roles?

2. Jang Geun Suk 

This Pretty Man star is so lovable, it's almost impossible not to watch a K-drama or film he is starring in! He took his characters in You're BeautifulMary Stayed Out All Night, and even Pretty Man and made them his own. It's easy to fall in love with Jang K-drama after K-drama because his talent is irresistible! 

3. Park Yoo Chun

The Sensory Couple actor started growing his immense fan base in 2003 when he debuted with the SM Entertainment boy group TVXQ. Dedicated fans cheered him on when his successful acting pursuits started in 2005 and when he began his eventual musical journey with JYJ. Park has earned the love and adoration from the public by his tremendous talent, hard work, and good looks. 

4. 2PM'S Taecyeon

Every day is Man Crush Monday when Taecyeon appears on the screen. Besides the well-known facts that he has an adorable face, sexy physique, and fantastic rapping style, the idol-turned-actor is so believable on screen. You know you wanted to be Go Hye Mi in Dream High, Yang Si Ohn in Who Are You, and even his pretend wife Wu Ying Jie (aka Gui Gui) in We Got Married.

5. Kim Soo Hyun

The Producer actor was so sweet in his latest series you wanted to hug him! Baek Seung Chan was almost 10 times more lovable than Song Sam Dong in Dream High. Kim certainly knows how to turn on the cuteness and charm when his role requires it. You might even start believing he is actually that endearing in real life! All fangirls believe it. 

6. No Min Woo

He was beyond gorgeous in Pasta! No has certainly come a long way since his idol days as Rose in the band TRAX. He has made everyone swoon with his memorable roles in Full House Take 2The Greatest MarriageMy Unfortunate Boyfriend, and more!

7.Lee Jong Suk

He had a heartwarming bromance with Kim Woo Bin in School 2015 and the coveted romance with Park Shin Hye in Pinocchio. No matter the production, Lee seems to be the perfect lover and best friend. He always embodies the word "love." 

8. Cha Seung Won

Being married since 1992 has only made Cha even hotter! He gives hope to ladies everywhere that sexy men can commit. This loving husband and father of two recently made hearts flutter with his K-dramas Greatest Love and You Are All Surrounded. He joined the cast of the MBC historical series Hwajung in April. 

9. So Ji Sub

Fans love him so much that a glimpse of him in Jeju Island Gatsby probably made a few of them literally faint! So is ruggedly handsome with a tough guy exterior. He started to tug at heartstrings all over again in his recent drama The Master's Sun.

10. Jang Dong Gun

Jang is another dependable husband and father who is gorgeous. Actress Ko So Young is one lucky wife! One of his most memorable K-dramas was All About Eve, but new K-drama fans probably became more attached to him in the sexy series A Gentlemen's Dignity

11. Kang Ha Neul

I cannot stress how much I love Kang! This guy is dynamite on screen, and his smile lights up South Korea. His singing just adds to his list of many talents. It's impossible not to fall in love with Kang when he appears in K-dramas like To The Beautiful You, HeirsAngel Eyes and the film Twenty.

You have to admit, this is one hot list! Who is your favorite among these gorgeous leading men? 

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