JYP Entertainment's hot boy band GOT7 plans to make their grand return to the K-pop stage on March 21 with a brand new album and music video. Until then, the high-energy idols are going to fill the entire month of March with teasers promoting their new project Flight Log: Departure

For all the fans out there who can't imagine waiting that long for their Dream Knight stars to make a comeback, here are eight music videos that should help you endure. These are some of GOT7's must-see music videos!

1. "Girls Girls Girls" (January 2014)

The boys debuted with ultimate swagger in this dance video showcasing their killer moves and brief acrobatic performance. Fans definitely fell in love! 

2.  "A" (June 2014)

The hot young idols were determined to win over the girl of their dreams in this hilarious music video. Of course, this was every fangirl's dream come true. Which member would you want actively pursuing you in real life?

3.  "Stop Stop It" (November 2014)

"Idols who are hopeless romantics" is the best way to describe JYPE's boy band in this video. "Stop Stop It" illustrates what it's like for a guy when he has a big crush on a girl. 

4. "Just Right" (July 2015)

This is the ultimate confidence booster for all the K-pop fangirls out there. The singers reassured fans they are naturally beautiful. Who doesn't want to be complimented like that? 

5. "If You Do" (September 2015)

The guys displayed their tough bad boy side in this fall video. You have to admit, they all looked incredibly sexy!

6. Confession Song (November 2015)

GOT7 played cupid and helped bring some happy couples together during the holidays, though I think some of the girls probably wanted the idols to be directly confessing to them. 

7. "Just Right" Dance Practice - Just Crazy Boyfriend Version (July 2015)

Who doesn't want to see their idols shower them with complements while showing off their comic side? GOT7 did just that in this hilarious video. I love it when Junior virtually held the viewer's face. So cute!

8. "I Like You" Dance Practice - Boyfriend Version (March 2014)

They romanced the camera around White Day. This boyfriend version definitely grew their fandom!  The song was all about reassuring the girl they liked that she stood out among the rest.

Which video will you have on repeat until their comeback later this month? 


Dream Knight

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