Calling all Woo Hyun fans! Over the weekend, the heartwarming special GROW: INFINITE's Real Youth Life premiered on DramaFever. The seven boys (Sungkyu, Dongwoo, Woo Hyun, Hoya, Sungyeol, L, and Sungjong) shared what life was like behind the scenes of their latest world tour. It clearly illustrates the emotional journey the band dealt with during those 6 months. Today, I decided to place the spotlight on member Woo Hyun to help you get even more excited to see him and his band so up close and personal. 

Let's take a look at some handsome photos of the aspiring songwriter. 

1. A man with delicious pizza wins everyone's hearts! Plain cheese is just fine with me.

2. This photo has a period production feel to it. He looks like he enlisted during the Korean War. The singer could easily be a star in a revamped version of the 2006 TV series Seoul 1945

3 Are you ready for a laid back day playing golf? The 24-year-old seems like he is ready to chill and have fun in his chic, colorful suit.

4. He seems to be waiting for his devoted Inspirits in this snapshot. The V neck tank and short sleeved suit jacket give fans just enough skin to make them weak in the knees.

5. Woo Hyun shows off his strength with his ToHeart member Key. Despite the fact that it's a pretend fight, fans love to see their idol's macho side.  

6. The bad boy look always attracts the masses. His gold chains make him look like a suitor rolling in dough too.

7. He finally gives fans a glimpse of his perfect rock-solid abs. His hard work at the gym definitely paid off!

Which handsome photo of Woo Hyun is your favorite?

INFINITE's documentary GROW: INFINITE's Real Youth Life is part of DramaFever's Power of Three contest, where you can watch three movies and answer three trivia questions for a chance to win a trip to Korea! Watch the movie below and learn more about the contest HERE.

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