Hot actors search for true love too! Following the many K-drama finales where they make us swoon, male stars try to recreate fairy-tale romances for themselves without the help of any script. Some confess their feelings to their first love, while others fall head over heels for ladies they just met. The outcomes differ, but their love is the same.

I have listed a few of the many handsome actors who initiated a relationship.

1. Ji Sung

TheKill Me Heal Me actor relentlessly pursued Lee Bo Young for three months before she agreed to go out with him. He even promised to give up acting for her because she didn't want to date fellow actors.

2. Kwon Sang Woo

After he saw Son Tae Young in MBC's Come To Play, he was interested in meeting her. Fellow actor Kim Sung Soo introduced the two beautiful stars to each other at a dinner party. The Temptation actor had to compete with another suitor at the party to win her heart. When the other guy left early, he stayed until the end of the reception to win her over. 

3.  Yun Jung Hoon

The Vampire Prosecutor star had to pursue Han Ga In for three months before his shy lady agreed to date him. He even treated her agent to drinks on a regular basis during the filming of the 2003 KBS series Yellow Handkerchief.

4. Oh Ji Ho

The Maids actor met his first love in high school, but she had a boyfriend during their school days. Five years later, she was finally single, and Oh jumped at the opportunity to date the woman he had fallen for years ago. They broke up after only one month of dating because she cheated on him. 

Nonetheless, Oh Ji Ho married the real woman of his dreams last year. 

Watch the all-star cast of Unkind Women, including Lee Ha Na, Chae Si Ra, and Song Jae Rim, in a series about three generations of women learning to support each other:

5. Seo In Guk

He actually pursued his co-star, A Pink's Eun Ji, from Answer Me 1997. The singer and actor texted he loved her and asked to meet up after filming. He developed feelings for her during their tvN's drama filming. Unfortunately, the "Hush" singer didn't return his affections. Their relationship never materialized. 

6. Ji Hyun Woo

The Trot Lovers actor boldly declared that he loved his Queen In Hyun’s Man co-star Yoo In Na at the drama's finale fan meeting. She was utterly surprised by his confession, and the pair dated for two years before calling it quits.

7. Woo Young

The 2PM singer had his fellow JYP Entertainment labelmate Seulong text IU for him during their Dream High days. He wanted to get closer to his pretty co-star so he needed a little help. The You're The Best Lee Soon Shin actress responded with a cold text, but the pair eventually went on two dates together. He paid both times! 

Which actor would you have wanted pursuing you? 

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