The Best Moment to Quit Your Job is an open and honest depiction of young people's struggles today. Behind the seemingly perfect picture of youth, lies the perils of work, dating and family relationships. The characters in this story do their best to relate to viewers and give us some hope that everything will be alright as long as you never give up.

Let's take a look at the characters' happy endings now.

1. Yeon Ji

Gaining confidence was her happy ending. Finally, she began to let go of the self guilt that she was the main cause of her brother's tragic accident that left him handicap, and the belief that she wasn't good enough to land her dream job.

2. Nam Hee

Accidentally dating a married man, having someone ignore her sound advice and creating a failing webtoon wasn't the end of the world for Nam Hee! After a brief trip home to regroup, she came away more knowledgeable and a brand new webtoon idea based on the lives of her friends.

3. Hye Young

Losing her crush didn't keep her down! Besides the necessary medical treatment for her ailing leg, Hye Young also starts taking steps to owning her own bakery. We see her continue to upload photos of her tasty creations online and score her first order!

4. Jung Hyun

After losing her contract teaching position and her lover, she decided to find herself by taking a trip. The refreshing outdoor hike helped her become more honest with herself and others. She is bound to find the right job that suits her in the near future.

5. Lee Min Woo

Yeon Ji's ex-boyfriend decided happiness was more important than anything else in life. He begged Yeon Ji to join him in Australia so they could start a new life together. His hectic job was restricting him from enjoying life to the fullest, and he was determined to enjoy every day while working.

Which character's happy ending did you relate with the most?

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The Best Moment To Quit Your Job

Starring Go Won Hee and Lee Chung Ah

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