The series finale of Evergreen is next week! Over the past couple of months, this magical love story has left us with some memories that will last a lifetime. Falling in love and protecting those precious to you seems to be the resounding message throughout the entire drama, and we're all hoping for a happy ending for everyone.

While we wait for the good result on Tuesday, let's remember some of those delightful and uplifting scenes from Evergreen.

1. Within the first few episodes, we feared our leading man was going to make an early exit and force the series into one big flashback from the past. Thankfully, grandpa rejuvenated the magical tree and resurrected Oh Soo.

2. Jin Woo and Yoo Ri's short-lived relationship was fun while it lasted. He took her on cute dates and was always there to take a stroll with her. On this particular day, she had wonderful memories of their carefree childhood together, and he even confessed that she was his first love.

3. Oh Soo's awkward confession to Yoo Ri was everything we dreamed it would be and more. He told her she was welcomed to come to him anytime, and he was determined to prove his feelings for her in little ways. The fact that their attraction was mutual was so obvious!

4. Following a brief health scare, it was great to hear that Yoo Ri and Soo Jung's mom was going to live. Her surgery went well, and she returned to the assisted living facility in no time!

5. Yoo Ri's modern love confession included everything but social media. It's hard to decide if we love her confession, or Oh Soo's sexy response to it more.

6. When Oh Soo told her in Japanese that her loved her, it was completely out of the blue but well worth the wait.

7. Deep down, Ga Nah is a good guy who loves his younger brother, Oh Soo. He deserves a happy ending like everyone else. His sweetest moment came when grandfather could genuinely detect that Ga Nah was in love.

Which Evergreen scene made a positive impact in your life?

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Evergreen (That Man, Oh Soo)

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