Saimdang: Light's Diary (Herstory) is a stirring tale of mystery, romance with a touch of magic. In the new series that premiered last week, Seo Ji Yoon's (Lee Young Ae) life is turned upside down when she is banished from the art department at her college. Her husband's debt and a painting disagreement set her on a new path to discover her historical twin's life story. I'm convinced Seo Ji Yoon is the reincarnated version of Saimdang, and I'm going to take a wild guess and say her neighbor Han Sang Hyun (Yang Se Jong) is Lee Gyeom reincarnated. Only time will tell with my predictions, but the haunting scenes in the series are certain. There have been at least five astonishing moments that can only be explained as K-drama magic.

Let's relive those haunting scenes now.  

1. From the very beginning, we are drawn in by Lee Gyeom's (Song Seung Hun) mental anguish over the loss of Saimdang. He is obsessed with painting a picture of the woman he can't seem to forget.

2. During her business trip to Italy, Seo Ji Yoon can strangely feel Lee Gyeom's presence in the Siesta Di Luna. Why is he trying to communicate with her? 

3. Lee Gyeom's spirit led her to the room where he hid the Saimdong painting. Ji Yoon could sense that he hid his work of art in a cabinet. When a wall mirror magically shatters in front of her eyes, the ancient cabinet becomes exposed. She discovers the portrait of the historical figure who looks identical to herself. 

4. After getting into a car accident, she is briefly transported back to the Joseon Era. Ji Yoon experiences life through Saimdang's eyes, and learns historical facts she hasn't even read about yet. She even cut her hand in the Joseon Era, and it was still on her hand in the present day!

5. The legendary one-winged bird stamp Saimdang gave to her love Lee Gyeom magically found its other half and flew away when they kissed. 

Which scene do you feel will haunt you long after the series is over? Do you think Lee Gyeom was reincarnated as a person or the wind like Saimdang wanted to become? 

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