Stars Yoo Ah In and Kim Hee Ae hypnotized us in 2014 with their sexy series about forbidden love. Yoo is a college student who accidentally falls in love with his piano teacher's wife (who is also a instructor)." target="_blank">Secret Love Affair gave us all the feels that ranged from joy to bitterness. We all root for true love, but finding your soulmate after your married is the ultimate betrayal. Despite the controversial subject matter, it's undeniable that this K-drama was hot! 

Let's revisit 10 heart-stopping moments that changed everything.

1. During their first meeting, you could feel the electricity between them. They both seemed breathless at the mere sight of each other.

2. This unexpected sexy scene took everyone by surprise because it was way before Lee Sun Jae admitted his feelings for Oh Hye Won. Who would have thought he would pick her up after she had an incident with the mouse trap? Everyone should get there foot stuck on a trap more often if flower boys do this.

3. After meeting Hye Won a few times, Sun Jae was smitten. He opened up to his online friend Mak Ki about his intense feelings for her, but little did he know he was confessing to Hye Won herself.

4. The moment when Sun Jae finally told his teacher that he was crazy about her was mesmerizing. Why didn't she push him away after that hug and passionate kiss? It had to be love at first sight for both of them.

5. Hye Won's heart broke when she saw her future lover in jail. She stayed at the location longer than she anticipated because she did not want to leave him there. She didn't until she came with a plan to get him released. 

6. After he was released, her husband brought Sun Jae to stay at their home. Sun Jae used that golden opportunity to confess his feelings for his teacher's wife. 

7. He was determined to win her heart! So, he asked if she wanted him to serenade her.

8. Hye Won pretended to reprimand Sun Jae by kissing him, but he responded by giving her the classic K-drama back hug we all love. 

9. Hye Won had her first jealous girlfriend moment when she saw Sun Jae and his female friend outside his home. In reality, he wasn't romantically involved with the friend, but it was the first time she showed how much she truly cared.

10. The first night they were intimate was actually a surprise to viewers and Sun Jae. Hye Won dropped by his house and announced she was finally going "to have fun today".

Which moment was the most earth shattering for you? 

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