Further proof that the internet is a strange strange place. We promise you won't be able to look away!

Some Instagram posts are not meant to be understood, and the list below will prove exactly that. Despite how weird some of these photos are, it's pretty refreshing to see Korean celebrities out of their usual public persona, expressing themselves the way they truly are, comfortable in their surroundings. After all, their work face is often just that, put on to play the part of someone who happens to be a star. But underneath, they are all just like us — sometimes normal, and sometimes pretty weird. 

Without further ado, below are some of the strangest Instagram posts from Korean celebrities that you may ever see.

1. T.O.P. — Just a whole bunch of random pig butts. Why?

2. Beenzino — Face swap with mystery man.

3. Amber from f(x) — Love for llamas, even part of her Instagram name!

4. G-Dragon — What exactly is going on here?

5. Ren from NU'EST — Mind-blowing gender bender.

6. Lee Changsub from BtoB — Can't get any closer if he tried.

7. Sulli — Looks perfectly normal, but her crazy social media reputation precedes her. Is she exposing a nipple on purpose?

8. HyunA — Sexy Starbucks.

9. Sunmi — These cats actually play some music.

So there you have it. Sometimes, you just have to get a little weird and do what you do, even if you're a Korean celebrity.


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