If you missed the live broadcast of the 2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards, don't be sad! Mnet America will be airing the show with subtitles on December 10 at 8pm EST/PST. Here are some video highlights of the night, including performances by EXO, Infinite, Girl's Day, G-dragon and Taeyang, and more!


GD + Taeyang

See Song Ha Yoon and Teen Top’s Changjo in the lighthearted fantasy comedy Sweden Laundry:

Seotaiji + IU + Vasco + ZICO


Kwak Jinon + Kim Pil

Sistar + Junggiggo + P.O + Nam JoJyuk + Jong-Hyuk

WINNER + Epik High

Girl’s Day + Ailee

IU + Mino

What an amazing night! Make sure to tune in to Mnet America tomorrow to see more!