BigBang fans cannot deny that the new music video for "We Like 2 Party" is hilarious. It certainly looks like BigBang knows how to have fun and party! Check out these 14 awesome and hilarious GIFs featuring some of the most memorable moments from the "We Like 2 Party" music video.

1. When T.O.P poses with some fans at the airport and they react exactly how I would

2. When the boys have fun on a plane

3. When Daesung and T.O.P make these faces

4. When they engage in (and fail at) this strange version of leap frog

5. When T.O.P takes this magnificent selfie

6. When they show off their sick dance moves on the beach

7. When the group expertly utilizes a selfie stick

8. When Daesung uses a banana and a bottle of wine as a microphone

9. When Seungri sings awkwardly while holding a purple inflatable toy and Daesung plays the wine bottle violin

10. When T.O.P dances like this and makes me love him even more!

11. When most of the members take karaoke very seriously while Daesung does his own thing

12. When they guys throw a very resistant Daesung in the pool

13. When G-Dragon has fun bouncing on his bed

14. When Daesung climbs up this pole with some help from T.O.P

You can check out the entire hilarious music video below!

What is your favorite moment from BigBang's "We Like 2 Party" music video? Comment down below!

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