Go Go Waikiki has become a surprise hit, and for good reason! The lighthearted comedy centers around three clueless but charming guys living in a guesthouse. One day, an adorable baby shows up and disrupts their already disorderly existence. If you've been needing some big laughs in your life, you can't go wrong with this title!

1. Despite the name, the Waikiki Guesthouse is not located anywhere near the famous beachfront neighborhood in Hawaii.

It's located in Itaewon, South Korea! It is a cozy place with comfy rooms (as long as the water and electricity bills are paid on-time!) and a breakfast bar.

2. Three young men manage the guesthouse, hoping to make enough money to make a film. (It's good to have a dream!)

We soon see that they have a lot to learn in life, although their fumbles are endearing and make for great comedy.

3. Did I mention the adorable baby?

If there was a Best Baby Actor award category, you'd be looking at the award winner right here!

4. Hilarious guest appearance by Park Sung Woon (Remember, Man to Man)

Real-life hot actor Park Sung Woon plays a top movie star who doesn't bother to speak but just point his finger, and it's up to those around him to interpret what he means. As poor wanna-be actor Chun Joon Ki (Lee Yi Kyung) will learn the hard way, his budding acting career could crash and burn if he, literally, doesn't "get the point".

5. The female characters are funny too!

Go Won Hee, who made a strong impression in Strongest Deliveryman as an heiress who wanted to live independently by working at a coffee shop, is now living at the Waikiki Guesthouse. Guess what her character's predicament is?

6. There is plenty of comedic action to give you bellyaching laughs! Check out this clip:

7. The dialogue is extremely witty!

For example, when Kang Dong Goo (Kim Jung Hyun) is invited to meet his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend, he wants to show up with confidence because his ex dumped him for his lack of prospects in life. Yoo Ah (Jung In Sun) agrees to pretend to be his show-off girlfriend.

First, let's try to get our story straight:

Now, let's see how their performance works out in practice:

Do you think they impresed his ex-girlfriend?

There's more to these hilarious antics of course. You can't help but feel that the entire production team, including the writer, the director, and all the actors are making it their life's mission to make us laugh, and laugh some more.

When you come home after a stressful work day and all you have time for is one drama, then Go Go Waikiki may turn out to be the best stress relief.


Go Go Waikiki

Starring Kim Jung Hyun (1990) and Go Won Hee

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