Who knew KFC was into cosmetics? Well, they sort of, kind of, are, but only in Hong Kong. KFC Hong Kong just launched their first line of nail polish, and it comes in two beautiful colors with two delicious flavors — Original and Hot & Spicy. 

Yes, KFC lives by its slogan. When they say "It's finger lickin' good," they mean that with all their products, which up until now has basically been actual fried chicken. To appeal to the younger generation, KFC Hong Kong has ventured into the world of beauty products, launching a line of nail polish. But because it's KFC nail polish, it is, of course, edible, and not only that, it tastes like KFC! The two flavors and colors are Original and Hot & Spicy, which both actually look pretty cute. According to a spokesperson for the company running the campaign, the nail polish was created, “to remind the younger generation of the great taste and good times the brand stands for.” Despite many people being grossed out by the concept of hordes of young women licking their fingers in public to taste fried chicken on their nails, the polish is headed for possible mass production by the second half of this year. 

As for the health implications of ingesting nail polish—it's probably not quite as bad for you as eating an actual combo meal at KFC.

Promotional video!

Original and Hot & Spicy

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Thumping Spike

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