K-dramas are blessing our spring and summer!

The warm months ahead are about to get even hotter with the arrival of superior eye candy. Heartthrobs are taking over our screens in a variety of programming. From romantic comedies to mysteries, the hot actors on this list are ready to bring a smile to your face with their charm, talent and overall sexiness. 

1.Sung Hoon - My Secret Romance

The 34 year-old star has been making viewers swoon for the past two weeks, and now that we are into week three some are hoping the series never ends. His character Cha Jin Wook is charming yet infuriating all at the same time! He is a CEO who is obviously in love with his nutritionist, but he's letting his pride (and misunderstanding of their one night stand) get in the way of true happiness. Can this clueless, modern-day prince stay forever?

2. Kim Jae Young - My Secret Romance 

Our adorable second lead is truly bringing his A game for his new role as Jung Hyun Tae. Lee Yoo Mi might be taken with her boss, but he is not letting his longtime crush get away that easily. We love his character because Hyun Tae is the reliable guy and a safe haven for our girl to have a normal family life. It's too bad the odds of him winning against the rich guy are slim to none. We can still enjoy the 28 year-old actor's amazing performance until the last episode. 

3. Yoo Seung HoRuler: Master of the Mask (premieres on May 10)

Even we didn't already love the 23 year-old heartthrob enough, he had to go and become a prince! The former child star takes on the role of Crown Prince Lee Sun and becomes the ultimate royal warrior. Who needs a general when you have the masked future king fighting your battles? 

4. INFINITE's L - Ruler: Master of the Mask

The 25 year-old idol may play the crown prince's stand in, but he has always been number one in Inspirit's eyes. L portray's Lee Sun who is a commoner instructed to take the crown prince's place during his masked duties. He also falls for Han Ga Eun and will probably give us the worst case of second lead syndrome this year!

5. Ji Chang Wook Love in Trouble aka Suspicious Partners (premieres on May 10)

The last time we saw this 29 year-old hottie on television was in last year's gripping TvN series The K2. He's back in a romantic comedy where he stars as a smart prosecutor named No JI Wook. The show has a dark twist, but this is still Chang Wook's big shift from his recent action series streak. Fans are all anxious to see his drastic character change.

6. Choi Tae Joon - Love in Trouble aka Suspicious Partners

This time around, our Missing Nine actor is transitioning into romantic comedies. The 25 year-old actor, who resembles an idol with his good looks, is going to be stiff competition for Ji Chang Wook as the second lead. He plays love rival Ji Eun Hyuk.

7. Yeo Jin Goo - Circle: Two Worlds Connected (premieres on May 22)

Have you missed him since Daebak? The 19 year-old actor makes his grand return to K-dramas as character Kim Woo Jin in his new mystery series. Woo Jin is a high school student in the present day where aliens have invaded earth. Being a teenager is hard enough without supernatural beings complicating your life! His series is sure to bring excitement into your week.

8. Kim Kang Woo - Circle:
Two Worlds Connected

Kim decided to live in the moment and take on a fantasy role this year. The 38 year-old husband and father accepted the part of crime detective Kim Joon Hyuk. He lives in the year 2037 where crimes and disease are non-existent. Best job ever! It's too bad he'll probably travel back to our time to find the crime he has been so desperately searching for. 

9. Joo WonMy Sassy Girl (premieres on May 29)

The 29 year-old star is ready to take on the iconic ill-fated role of Gyun Woo in the remake of the 2001 film of the same name. This time around, Gyun Woo is Joseon's National Treasure as the scholar who gets involved with a sassy princess. What kind of mischief will he and royalty get into during the Joseon era? The audience will have fun watching this hottie in the summer.

10. CNBlue's Jung Shin - My Sassy Girl 

We haven't seen this CNBlue member in a K-drama since Cinderella and Four Knights wrapped last October. Oh how we missed him! The 25 year-old plans to play Joo Won's rival in this period love story. I wonder how he will make the sassy princess swoon to tempt her to give up on the scholar.

11. Cho Seung Woo - Stranger aka Secret Forest (premieres on June 9)

This veteran will be apart of history in the making as he brings Bae Doo Na out of her 7 year K-drama hiatus. The 37 year-old hottie plays prosecutor Hwang Shi Mok, who is great at his job, but lacks the emotions others have due to a brain surgery early in life. He joins forces with Bae's character Police Lieutenant Han Yeo Jin to fight crime and hopefully fall in love.

12. Jung Jae YoungDuel (premieres on June 3)

The veteran movie actor is still a rookie when it comes to K-dramas. The 46 year-old distinguished gentleman accepted the role of crime squad chief Jang Deuk Cheon. The good father gets swept up in a world where human clones are battling. 

13. Yang Se Jong - Duel 

This winter, he excelled in his dual roles in Saimdang: Light's Diary. I almost thought he was going to be Lee Gyeom's reincarnated self! He plans to do what he does best in this new thriller series. The 24 year-old star is set to play Sung Joon and Sung Hoon in the K-drama all about human clones interacting. 

14. EXO's Kai Andante  (premieres in July)

The 23 year-old idol is elevating his celebrity status by starring in his very first K-drama! EXO's main rapper and dancer plans to wow us this summer with his portrayal of high school student Lee Shi Kyung. When his family relocates to the country, the anti-social Shi Kyung discovers a whole new way of life.

Which hot actor are you looking forward to seeing this spring/summer?

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