The fall 2016 season of K-dramas have arrived! DramaFever is bringing you a great selection of brand new shows, this year's favorites and beloved modern-day classics. We can all agree that hot stars play a big role in the K-dramas we choose to watch week after week. I made it a little easier for you by listing just a few of the hot male stars from DramaFever's new and upcoming dramas from South Korea. 

1. Lee Sun Gyun  (My Wife's Having an Affair This Week)

The 41 year-old star, who is married in real life, takes on the role of his worst nightmare. He portrays a husband being cheated on! We are already up to episode six of the romantic comedy set on discovering the truth about Do Hyun Woo wife's secret life. 

2. Lee Sang Yeob (My Wife's Having an Affair This Week)

He takes on the role of Do's old college friend Ahn Joon Young. Even though the 33 year-old  actor plays his good buddy, he is much closer to his on-screen wife's age in real life. I say they would have been a better cheating match, than that much older character Ji Sun Woo.

3. Byun Yo Han  (Ex-Girlfriend Club)

This star must be hot because he plays popular webtoon writer Bang Myeong Soo whose writing is based on his incredible dating history. The 30 year-old actor is living every scorned boyfriend's dream by getting back at his exes in a comical way.

4. Do Sang Woo (Ex-Girlfriend Club)

In the sea of ex-girlfriends, another guy was able to land a leading role in the short series. This 28 year-old actor did just fine in his supporting role of Jo Gun. Binge watch the series this weekend to see him in action.

5. Yoo Yun Suk (Doctor Romantic)

He kicked off his new series as the sexy and straightforward doctor Kang Dong Joo. The 32 year-old star's character is doing away with the dating game and putting his heart on his sleeve. 

6. Kim Min Jae (Doctor Romantic)

The lovable 20 year-old rapper/actor continues to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry after a whirlwind 2015-2016. He plays the role of male nurse Park Eun Tak in his new medical series. I wonder how his character will liven up the show. 

7. Oh Ji Ho (Oh My Geum Bi)

The real life family man's new series promises to be a tearjerker! The 40 year-old star plays an estranged father of a sick young girl. It will definitely be eye-opening to watch the now devoted husband and father transform into deadbeat dad Mo Hwi Chul in the KBS melodrama. 

8. Lee Ji Hoon (Oh My Geum Bi)

Lee plays supporting character Cha Chi Soo in the sad family drama. The 37 year-old will no doubt be impacted by the powerful script like the rest of the viewers as the weeks go by. 

9. Park Bo Gum (Moonlight Drawn By The Clouds premieres on 22)

The 23 year-old actor plays mischievous Crown Prince Hyomyeong who falls head over heels in love with a pretend eunuch. Starting Thanksgiving week, you can binge watch the delightful love story that charmed South Korea, and the actor who became everyone's new man crush. 

10. B1A4's Jinyoung (Moonlight Drawn By The Clouds)

The 25 year-old idol shined in his role as poised scholar Kim Yoon Sung in the historical series. He and the Crown Prince were once best friends, but he is the second lead in this drama. We all know what that means!

11. Kwak Dong Yeon (Moonlight Drawn By The Clouds)

Former child star Kwak is all grown up and fighting for royalty! Everyone loved the 19 year-old's portrayal of the Crown Prince's loyal bodyguard Kim Byung Yeon. He excelled in his role as a skilled swordsman and scholar. 

12. BEAST's Yoon Doo Joon (Let's Eat premieres on November 23)

The idol and actor played the ultimate foodie who loved dining solo in upscale restaurants, but loathed when others asked him why he was eating alone. The 27 year-old's romantic comedy was the predecessor to this year's gem Let's Drink

Which hot actor are you dying to see on-screen this month? 

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