Many K-Pop idols steal our hearts as soon as they take the stage. We swoon and sigh for years over our ultimate favorites, while some never faze us at all. This article is dedicated to just a few from that special group we simply can not stop thinking about it: the male K-pop idols we will always have crushes on.

1. Rain

Kim Tae Hee better watch out because his Clouds adore him! Most of his fan base, which has been with him since 1998, are probably devastated that he is in a serious relationship, but I'll bet none of them want to see his heart broken. They would probably officiate the stars' wedding themselves if it meant Rain would find true happiness.

2. 2PM's Nichkhun

Taceyeon's wife on Ying Jie from We Got Married-Global Edition even had a slight crush on Nichkhun! He has been pretend married to f(x)'s Victoria and even dated Girls' Generation's Tiffany for a short time in real life, but Hottests can't fall out of love with him. The Thai Prince has that special something that attracts fans like bears to honey.

3. EXO's D.O

EXO Next Door made me realize how much of a cutie pie D.O truly is. His character was adorably shy in the short series, and I really wanted him to get more screen time. He may have debuted only 3 years ago, but he will be in our hearts forever.

4. CNBlue's Jonghyun 

Am I the only one who couldn't take their eyes off JongHyun in CNBlue's 2012 "Hey You" music video? His handsome face and deep singing voice were completely mesmerizing. The Orange Marmalade star continued to entrance viewers with this year's vampire series and virtual marriage with actress Gong Seung Yeon on We Got Married

5. U-KISS' Kevin 

He is just an all-around lovable guy! Kevin's public image is sweet, caring, and compassionate. Every time he connects with his former co-worker Kim Isak, he is just so loving and kind you can't help but admire him.

6. BtoB's Sung Jae

The boy band cutie was so lovable in his role as TaeKwang in School 2015. Viewers couldn't help but root for him! When you combine his acting with his musical talent, you have the perfect guy to crush on for years to come.  

7. Teen Top's Chunji

Teen Top's music video for "No More Perfume On You" pretty much showed off how endearing Chunji really is. The song's message was disappointing, but I know fangirls wanted to give him a second chance after seeing his winning smile. 

Which handsome idol is your favorite? 

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