Kim Hee Chul was born to be a flower boy! In Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team, the beloved Super Junior member stars as Park Jung Woo. Park is the only hotshot detective from his team to remain in his youth after an experiment goes haywire. Does Kim Hee Chul really qualify to be a flower boy? The ten photos below will strive to prove that he does. 

1. Flower boys have to know how to rock beautiful long locks. Plus, the hair color is so appealing. This look reminds me so much of his Sharp 2 K-drama days. Kim had a supporting role on Go Ah Ra's 2005 teen series.

2. Friendships are BAE! Boys Over Flowers illustrated the strong camaraderie flower boys have. This photo shows a bromance that many would envy. Who knew he and F.T. Island's Lee Hong Ki were so close?

3. Who can wear aquamarine hair better than Hee Chul? He can easily top any fan's list with this cute pouty expression too.

4. The glasses and platinum blonde hair should be trending topics! He looks like the smartest flower boy in town.

5. You have to admit he has nice legs. In addition, he is braving the cold in summer clothes. Go Hee Chul!

6. The SuJu member ruled his short military haircut! He didn't need idol hair to be hot.

7. A man in uniform is irresistible. He proves it's true. 

8. Flower boys must have smiles that can light up a room. I think he can safely check this off his list. 

9. Life without bangs is just as great. This sleek corporate office hairstyle makes him a great candidate for top flower boy. 

10. Flower boys are great kissers. His lip-locks with virtual wife Puff Guo on We Got Married were impressive. 

Which flower boy photo is your personal favorite? Will you be watching him play Park Jung Woo in Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team? The series premieres on January 15 on DramaFever. Sign up for new episode alerts HERE and check out the teaser below!

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Image source: Hee Chul's Instgram