Hot oppas are coming this spring!  

OCN's My Secret Romance brings you one of your favorites in April. Sung Hoon returns to the small screen as a rich playboy we love to hate until he transforms into the perfect Prince Charming. In this upcoming short series, he romances Secret's, Song Ji Eun, who plays a girl that has never had a boyfriend. 

Today, you are going to want to trade places with Ji Eun. She is one lucky girl to be given the golden opportunity to star alongside the sexy 34 year-old star. If you don't believe me, check out these 7 hot photos of him that will take your breath away.

1. He looks dapper in this dark, three piece suit. Who else thinks he looks like a fairytale prince? 

2. The fantasy concept for this shoot was out of this world! He is incredibly sexy in feathers!

3. Leather becomes him. He was born to model!

4. It's time to admit it!  Sung Hoon's chocolate abs are better than all of your oppas'.

5. Do you want this sexy guy to give you private swimming lessons? 

6. Sung Hoon's slim-fit, crew neck sweater hugs in all the right places. 

7. Just in case the previous photos didn't convince you, I think this sexy pose is undeniable.

Which hot photo left you speechless?

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Image Credits: Yahoo! Singapore and Men's Health


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