This month, SHINee's flaming charisma Choi Min Ho stars in the OnStyle short series Because It's the First Time. He portrays college freshman Yoon Tae Oh, who offers his rooftop place as a hangout for his friends. In real life, Choi is part of the popular K-pop boy group SHINee. He and his four members (Onew, Jonghyun, Key, and Taemin) have been releasing hit music and traveling the world since 2008. The 23-year-old idol has been stealing hearts way before he landed his current starring role. I decided to list a few of the many music videos where Choi took ShaWols' breath away.

1. View (2015)

The dance version of this sexy track allowed fans get up close and personal with the band. This is the first time Choi went blond for a SHINee comeback. Blond definitely becomes him!

2 Your Number (2015)

Ladies love guys in suits. Besides the fact that his opening lines in the J-pop single were super sultry, Choi's sleek black and white pinstriped suit made his amazing contemporary dance moves seem regal. He could be a K-pop prince!

3. 3 2 1 (2013)

His attire was so fashion-forward in this J-pop video you can't help but stare! ShaWols know they loved his preppy school boy and upscale outfits, but I don't know which pieces were more eye catching — his simple gray college classroom sweater or his moss green dress shirt with neon suit jacket? With these style choices, there aren't many who would not be taken with him. 

4. Hello (2010)

Choi was the perfect boy next door of whom any dad would approve in this sweet video. He was irresistible with his retro red convertible and adorable white teddy bear. His date would be ready early if he arrived at her front door.

5. Everybody (2013)

He looked like a soldier of love with his many suit changes. I'll bet ShaWols around the world wanted to report to him. Meet the general of K-pop.

6. Why So Serious? (2013)

He was a knockout in this one! His sandy hair, striking suits, and the fact that he was gentleman by pulling out the chair for a lady made him the perfect guy. Add to those characteristics the fact that he is the same handsome Choi Min Ho who can dance, sing, and shock the masses with his impressive rapping skills.

7. AMIGO (2008)

He could be considered a suitor who doesn't give up in this early SHINee production. Throughout the entire music video, he relentlessly pursues a girl who touched his heart. Who wouldn't love an idol pursuing them?

Which breathtaking moment is your favorite? 

Don't forget to watch the incredibly adorable Choi Min Ho in Because It's the First Time this month on DramaFever. Check out the latest trailer below:

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