On January 21, GOT7 kicks off yet another tour in the USA. The JYPE boys are traveling to Miami, Washington D.C., Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles for their GOT7 Flight Log: Turbulence in USA 2017 fan meetings. Fans may still be reeling from their summer concert series, but it's time to get the party started once again. How do you get your inner K-Pop fan ready for more fun-filled evenings with your idol bias? You marathon hot shows featuring GOT7 members, of course! Check out a few programs that are sure to get you pumped for the big day.

1. Dream Knight

Nothing starts a party better than JYP Entertainment music! In addition to all the members starring in this short K-drama, the OST features songs from several artists on the JYPE roster. Don't forget to stick around for the amazing dance scenes sprinkled throughout the series.


Dream Knight

Starring Song Ha Yoon and Jackson Wang

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2. Dream High 2

JB and Jinyoung were the first ones in the group to showcase their acting, singing and dancing skills in a K-drama. The duo played students in a fine arts school in this sequel to the 2011 hit series Dream High. All that studying paid off because now they are international superstars! 


Dream High 2

Starring Kang So Ra and Jung Jin Woon

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3. Roommate

Jackson was still in the early stages of his reality/variety show career when he moved in with his seniors in the entertainment industry. We learned more about the guy behind the killer dance moves and coveted rap skills. Plus, he obviously had a ton of fun making new friends in the Roommate house.

4. When a Man Loves 

Jinyoung and JB had supporting roles in this melodrama that premiered a year after their Dream High 2 debut. Jinyoung obtained even more acting experience as a part-time employee for the main character's mom, while JB worked hard at being the best little brother a leading actress could have. 


When a Man Loves

Starring Song Seung Hun and Shin Se Kyung

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5. My Love Eun Dong 

Jinyoung ventured out on his own in 2015 to play the teen version of Joo Jin Mo's character Ji Eun Ho in this jTBC romance. Most of his screen time was in the beginning of the series, but we still had the golden opportunity to see his adorable face for a little while. 


My Love Eun Dong

Starring Joo Jin Mo and Kim Sa Rang

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Which show will kick off your GOT7 marathon? Also, which city will you see the idols in this month? 

Shelly M is an author and blogger. Follow her personal blog at BTSCelebs.com

Source: Via/ Image Credit: GOT7's Facebook Page