You know you have been asking yourself the question for years. "Which actor would actually go out on a date with me if I asked?" Many South Korean actors are gorgeous, but few seem approachable enough to ask out. It is downright terrifying to even think about it! 

Today, I decided to select five of the hottest actors with the warmest personalities. The five guys below make viewers feel right at home every time they appear onscreen. If you want to continue dreaming about dating adorable actors, try focusing your attention on the hotties listed here.

1. Seo In Guk

The King's Face actor has a such a warm persona on stage. His 'Love U" and "Shake It Up" performances just exuded friendship and love. Seo appears to be a genuinely loving person. He seems like he would be overjoyed to spend some quality one-on-one time with that one special fan.

2. Joo Won

I loved him in Tomorrow's Cantabile and in Steal My Heart. From his roles in those two productions, I even fell for Joo Won! He has this on-screen charm that is so inviting. It would probably be impossible for him to turn a fan down if she asked him on a date. 

3. Yoon Si Yoon

His lovable personality was apparent in Barefoot Friends. He was shy, but he was full of determination. Yoon may be hesitant to initially go out with a fan, but if he is determined enough it could happen. Who doesn't want to go out with an adorable shy guy?

4. SHINee's Onew

The Welcome to Royal Villa actor has a magnetic personality that has made numerous ShaWols fall in love with him. This comedian at heart looks outgoing and fun loving. There seems to be more than enough room in his life for a precious fan. 

5. Kim Bum

After seeing this cutie take on impressive roles in Boys Over Flowers andThe Woman Who Still Wants to Marry, I became a Kim Bum fan. He knows how to be believable on-screen, and he comes across as the ultimate sweetheart off-screen. I would pick Kim Bum as the prime candidate for possibly dating a fan. Why? The Hidden Identity star gives the impression of being the sweet boy next door.

It's your turn. Which dreamy K-drama actor would you like to date?

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Image Sources: Men's Health and Onew's Twitter