2016 has been an incredible year filled with blockbuster movies, dramas and highly anticipated idol group debuts. There is one group of celebrities who have something else to celebrate this year. Their unchanging beauty. The 86 line finally hit a milestone birthday, but they look just as young as their rookie co-workers. 

Let's take a look at 13 actors and singers who truly make 30 the new 20. 

1. BoA

The My Wife's Having an Affair This Week actress just keeps turning back the clock! Her active life as an idol for the past 16 years has clearly paid off.

2. Song Ha Yoon

The Touching You actress was radiant in her short series with Taecyeon this summer, but she looked identical to a high school student last year alongside GOT 7 in Dream Knight.  

3. No Min Woo

The actor and musician is incredibly handsome, but the fact that he still looks like student is astonishing. The My Unfortunate Boyfriend star obviously located that fountain of youth! 

4. Moon Chae Won

Besides Moon's new short hairdo, she hasn't changed a bit since her Shining Inheritance days. She looked good alongside co-star Lee Seung Gi in Love Forecast last year. 

5. Yoon Si Yoon

The Mirror of the Witch actor has always looked much younger than his age. This year, his teenage co-star Kim Sae Ron aged him a bit, but he still looks as boyish as ever. 

6. Park Min Young

She and her Remember co-star Yoo Seung Ho looked the same age! Lee is only 23 years-old, but who could spot their age difference with such a young looking noona by his side. 

7. Yoo Ah In

He actually played a 20 year-old a couple of years ago in Secret Love Affair and not much has changed since then. Just look at him at the Like for Likes press conference with actress Lee Mi Yeon.

8. Min Hyo Rin

She not only has a baby face, but the body of a 20 year-old too! It's only fitting after starring in the mature comedy film Twenty last year.

9. JYJ's Junsu

The "Rock The World" singer turns 30 on December 15, and it seems like no time has passed since his TVXQ days. He must have stopped the clock when he made his transition to JYJ. 

10. T-ARA's Boram 

The "Bo Peep Bo Peep" singer may be an elder in her group, but no one can tell. You would think she was closer to being the maknae by her on-stage presence. 

11. Shin Hyun Bin

The Warrior Baek Dong Soo actress made her debut in her early twenties, and it seems like no time has passed. I'll bet she can still land those coveted student roles too. 

12. Jun So Min

She was still a teen when she debuted in the 2004 MBC sitcom Miracle. Many will agree she looked so youthful next to her handsome co-star Ha Suk Jin in One Percent of Something

13. Super Junior's Dong Hae

While the Skip Beat actor serves his country in the military, Dong Hae is probably doing his best to get his beauty rest in. It's surprising just how fresh-faced this idol has looked year after year. How young will he look on discharge day?

Are there any more 86 line stars on your bias list that look younger than their real age? 

Shelly M is an author and blogger. Follow her personal blog at BTSCelebs.com


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