Next week, DramaFever premieres the hot show that kicked off G-Dragon's very first solo world tour!  G-Dragon: One of a Kind in Seoul started on March 30, 2013. It continued for another day before the show traveled to 8 additional countries throughout Asia. Close to a half a million people attended his tour, and you have the opportunity to experience it all over again.  

One of the many things that draw the masses to G-Dragon is his unique fashion sense. Not many idols can pull off his daring looks as effortlessly as he does. Let's take a look at a few style choices that truly make him one of a kind. 

1. Would you have even thought to wear a pink vest, yellow and black scarf, and black and white shoes? G-Dragon did. He treats every day like a glamorous stroll on the catwalk. 

2. The eccentric black lipstick design borders stripes and spider legs. When you put it with his sleek blond hair, dark roots, and white jacket, it's definitely a work of art!

3. Who didn't do a double take when he posed with model Soo Joo on the cover of Vogue? At first glance, you really believe G-Dragon found his twin.The long blond hair, tams, and the fact that they are topless really plays tricks with your eyes. It's very creative.

4. Only the "Michi Go" singer would remember to match his hair, gloves, and overalls. The pastel blue color is gorgeous, even if it is most likely found on a frozen dessert.

5. He looks like a elite painter with this Eastern-inspired over-sized white shirt. Plus, I really want to know what is in that stylish black leather bag?

Are you enjoying DramaFever's Made In Korea World Tour? Relive the BIGBANG, YGFamily and other hot K-pop concerts that have already stopped by so far. Check out the 2010 YG Family Concert below:

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