This year, K-drama fans were swept off their feet by the most charming group of leading men. From supernatural to romantic comedies, the male stars knew how to win over the masses with their sex appeal and sparkling personalities. Hearts were stolen month after month and it became impossible for us to choose a favorite. 

If you are still swooning like everyone else, let's remember 13 of those irreplaceable men now.

1. Gong Yoo (Goblin: The Lonely and Great God)

Playing a goblin was like second nature to him. The 38-year-old star did so well in the immortal role that the supernatural series became one of tvN's most popular TV shows ever.

2. Yeon Woo Jin (My Shy Boss)

The 33-year-old actor's character, Eun Hwan Ki, was the quintessential illustration of winter transforming into spring. The introverted boss was cold and reserved in the beginning before he began to warm up to his employees. 

3. Song Seung Hun (Saimdang: Light's Diary)

Lee Gyeom may have been an artistic nobleman, but he was also a hopeless romantic. It was riveting to see the 41-year-old veteran portray a man who never gave up on love.

4. Park Hyung Sik (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon)

Who didn't love Park's version of the zany gaming company heir Ahn Min Hyuk? The singer and actor is already walking the path to superstardom at the young age of 26.

5. Sung Hoon (My Secret Romance)

Many viewers were probably jealous of Song Ji Eun this past spring. The 34-year-old not only did an amazing job acting as rich heir Cha Jin Wook, but he packed on the PDA.

6Yoo Seung Ho (Ruler: Master of the Mask and I'm Not a Robot)

From a respectable ruler to a reserved businessman, the 24-year-old talent was unstoppable in 2017! Viewers were given the golden opportunity to fall in love with two of his on-screen roles in one year.

7. Joo Won (My Sassy Girl)

You have to admit he was the perfect fit for Joseon's national treasure role. It seems the 30-year-old gentleman was born to play scholar Gyeon Woo and give fans joy before his military enlistment. 

8. Ji Chang Wook (Love in Trouble)

Another precious 30-year-old actor who left us with an unforgettable role before he enlisted. His character, No Ji Wook, transitioned from tough prosecutor to lovable private attorney in front of our very eyes.

9. Park Seo Joon (Fight My Way)

There was no one who could have played the naive and tough Ko Dong Man any better. The 28-year-old was a skilled fighter with a big heart. 

10. Nam Joo Hyuk (The Bride of the Water God)

After Goblin, the world was ready to embrace a new kind of immortal, and we found that in Habaek. He brought humor and happiness to a god role that could have easily been very dark. With a few years under his belt, Nam is already off to a good acting start at the young age of 23. 

11. Yang Se Jong (Temperature of Love)

The 24-year-old portrayed the sexy chef Ohn Jung Seon, whose specialty is French cuisine and finding true love. The way he wore his emotions on his sleeve helped make the series a success. He also had prominent supporting roles in Saimdang: Lights Diary and Duel

 12. Jung Yong Hwa (The Package

He played the clueless, yet clever, San Ma Ru this fall, and we still can't get over his cuteness. The 28-year-old idol may have been oblivious in Paris, but he didn't falter when he had to face off with his company.

13. Choi Si Won (Revolutionary Love)

Fans had been waiting so long for the 30-year-old idol to return from his military service. He not only came back, but brought a surprisingly enjoyable rom-com with him. His hilarious and genius portrayal of rich heir Byun Hyuk was unforgettable. 

Which leading man did you fall in love with this year? 


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