For those who felt awkward about the romantic undertones between Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon's characters, who were adopted siblings in Kill Me, Heal Me but still felt the sting of second lead syndrome, we have good news for you!  In the upcoming drama She Was Pretty, the pair may end up being a couple in love. 

She Was Pretty is about a girl who turns ugly after growing up beautiful and a boy who was an awkward and unattractive teenager but turns into a model-ish and successful man. The drama will be brought to us by director Jung Dae Yoon (Sly and Single AgainKing 2 Hearts).

Hwang Jung Eum may play the female lead, who faces poverty suddenly after her father loses his fortune and now has to work several part-time jobs. Her situation worsens further when she inherits an ugly gene from her grandfather that makes her quickly lose her beauty.

Park Seo Joon may play  the male lead, who was short, overweight, and socially awkward as a teenager, but transforms into a handsome and successful magazine copywriter.

She Was Pretty will premiere following Scholar Who Walks the Night in September on MBC. 

Are you excited to see this possible Kill Me, Heal Me reunion? Watch the two together in the popular series below: