Child actress Park Bo Young may have experienced the heartbreaking four-year acting hiatus caused by legal disputes early in her career, but her K-drama return in Oh My Ghostess is making up for it. Park's iconic role in A Werewolf Boy shot her to super stardom, and her new supernatural TvN comedy is drawing the global audience to her like a magnet.

What kind of roles did she play before she became possessed by Shin Soon Ae's ghost? I have listed five of her most prominent roles to date.

1. Park played the unforgettable Lee Eun Soo in the Peabody award-winning 2008 teen drama Jungle Fish. She was one of the many students who felt pressured into getting accepted into a top university. Doesn't she look cute in her school uniform? 

2. She become the younger version of Yoon So Hwa/Queen Jeheon in the 2007 historical K-drama King and I. The Queen met an unfortunate end, but Park's part in the series laid the foundation for the love triangle between Eunuch Kim Cheo-sun and King Seong Jong. Don't you love her adorable historical attire?

3. The lovely Park portrayed the younger version of grandmother Sun Yi and her grandaughter Eun Joo in the hit fantasy film A Werewolf Boy. She befriended and cared for Song Joong Ki's feral boy character Chul Soo. Playing double roles must have been challenging for the young actress, but she pulled it off and introduced her talent to global audiences in 2012. Her cute pouty look in the photo is evidence of how hard she worked.

4. The 25-year-old star had to save her on-screen sister Jung Mi in the 20112 horror film Don't Click. She took the role of  Se Hee in the movie about people dying after viewing a cursed video online. Her terrified expression on the poster should hint at her amazing acting on the big screen. 

5. In her most recent thriller film, The Silenced, Park accepted the part of student Ju Ran. She is sent to an all-girls boarding school where her fellow classmates begin disappearing one by one. She is determined to find out what is happening to them. She plays a girl in poor health in the movie, and you can tell she doesn't look too well in the eerie image below. 

Park Bo Young has played in her share of dark supernatural productions. These are just a few of her intriguing onscreen roles. Which one of her projects was your favorite?

Watch Park Bo Young in Oh My Ghostess:

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