Park Hyung Sik may be the new hunk on Strong Woman Do Bong Soon these days, but many K-Pop fans have been in love with him for almost a decade. The 25 year-old idol made his debut in the entertainment industry in 2010. Following several albums and tours, he is finally getting settled into his new life as an actor. Of course, we love him for it! Let's take a moment to revisit the time our affection for Hyung Sik began. 

1. He was introduced to the world as a baby-faced idol with a manly image. ("Mazeltov" January 2010)

2, As the months flew by, his image accelerated literally! Who can forget ZE:A's early racing concept? ("Level Up" July 2010)

3. ZE:A fans had a summer romance with Hyung Sik and his boys in 2011. He was all about pampering his lady for this concept. ("Exciting"  July 2011)

4. He embraced the bad boy image the summer of the following year. It was true love against the world. ("Phoenix" August 2012)

5. Studious Hyung Sik tugged at everyone's heartstrings for the J-Pop version of the 2013 K-Pop release. ("Illusion" November 2013)

6. He embraced his inner model with a killer photo shoot for the somber 2014 summer comeback. Who could break this hottie's heart? ("First Homme" 2014)

Which ZE:A concept started your Park Hyung Sik love? 

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