CL and her girls' epic concert 2011 2NE1 Concert: NOLZA recently premiered on DramaFever. K-pop group 2NE1 has always slayed when it comes to their weekly music show promotions and their unbelievable concerts. If you are a Blackjack, you know their NOLZA show is not one to be missed! As the world waits for CL to make her official solo debut in the USA, I have been considering all the extremely talented K-Pop idols she could feature in a duet. I thought of 15 gifted individuals she needs to do a duet with, who are not even part of the YG Family. 

1. SHINee's Choi Minho

A flower boy who can rap is a dream come true! The Because It's The First Time actor has been one of SHINee's go-to rappers since their debut in 2008. In recent years, he has even showcased his sweet vocals on selected tracks. With these two beautiful stars, Minho and CL's stage would look like a K-drama come to life. They would rule the rapping kingdom, of course.

2. SISTAR's Hyorin

Every idol should want to duet with Hyorin! The Dream High 2 star's incredible vocals and her sexy dance moves make her a double threat in the music industry. Plus, she recently added rapping to her resume by participating in Unpretty Rapstar - Season 2.

3. APink's Eun Ji

Who wouldn't love to hear these two girls collaborate? The Answer Me 1997 actress could rock the chorus with her lovely voice, while CL would slay on the rap verses.

4. Ailee

This idol is a trooper! Even after she injured her leg last year, she still sang her heart out for her fans on weekly music programs. We all want to see strong women like Ailee work with CL. Her incredible vocals are out of this world too.

5. K. Will

I'm convinced this veteran pair would be absolutely stellar live. Maybe they could work on an OST for a K-drama even more popular than Descendants of the Sun.

6. CNBlue's Jonghyun

His voice is so sexy! We all know the Orange Marmalade star's voice is heavenly when he performs Korean songs, but what about English tunes? Would he be able to sing alongside CL on her American albums? Listen to him cover The Beatles' "Yesterday" and judge for yourself.  

7. Miss A's Jia

An international duet all the way! These Chinese and South Korean princesses would bring the perfect womance chemistry to any live stage performance. I loved her short rap in Miss A's "I Don't Need A Man."

8. Shannon

Her first single "Daybreak Rain" blew me away! The 17-year-old idol has very strong vocals for someone so young. She was only 16 when she debuted! Her incredible voice would sound great on a CL chorus, and the girls can challenge each other to an epic dance battle. Also, Shannon is fluent in English with her covet British accent. 

9. Crush

This R&B artist with the smooth voice is sure to glide his way into listeners' hearts. He and CL could make the hottest song without even worrying about a rap solo. His "Hug Me" single showcases his natural talent.

10. Kim Min Jae

He may not be a full-fledged idol, but I see a bright future in the music industry for the Because Its The First Time star. I think the two would do a fantastic job on an album together. Two fierce rappers equals perfection.

11. ASTRO's Jinjin

The ASTRO OK Ready star considers himself a slow rapper, but I think he and CL would complement each other in an epic rap single. The rookie and veteran would kill it on the music charts. 

12. 5urprise's Seo Kang Joon

The Cheese in a Trap actor's voice would be hypnotizing in a duet with the YG lady. Plus, the two of them would make a pretty cute K-drama couple. 

13. T-ara's Jiyeon

The Dream High 2 star's sexy solo image would work very well on a CL stage. It would bring variety to CL's already empowering stages. Her sweet, yet sultry, vocals would sound amazing on their duet track, too.

14. GOT7's Jackson

The Roommate star's deep vocals make his rapping sound even more sexy. Their two voices together would be paradise for K-Pop music lovers. 

15. Royal Pirates' Moon Chul

The Cali rocker and the R&B hip hop girl could fuse their two genres together to create a masterpiece. Their duet would definitely be mind-blowing! Plus, he is Korean-American, so he already has roots in her targeted new market in North America.

Which dream duet do you hope will come true?

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