This summer, DramaFever will release the addictive 2008 BBC adaptation of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility. This is one of the best versions of Austen's classic love story about sisters Elinor and Marianne. The guys are handsome, and all of the actors practically lived their roles like they were created just for them. I have seen the mini-series several times. There is just so much to learn, laugh, and cry about in the program. Elinor and Marianne both fall in love, but the ways they express their feelings are as different as night and day. The list I have compiled today contains spoilers, but it shows you the dating rules the characters seem to follow as the series progresses.

1. Instantly fall in love with a man you just met

As soon as Elinor (actress Hattie Morahan) meets the gorgeous Edward Ferrars (actor Dan Stevens), she is smitten! The two spend so much time just talking and taking walks around her home. However, she is eventually heartbroken that he leaves her with a book, rather than a marriage proposal, after their brief friendship at the beginning of the series.

2. Always date the guy who carries you home.

If you take a walk in the pouring rain and happen to twist your ankle after you fall, date the first guy who picks you up and carries you home. Marianne did. Willoughby (actor Dominic Cooper) dismounted his white horse and carried her home before they began their Austen-styled hot romance.

3. Never be afraid to show Austen-approved PDA.

Marianne (actress Charity Wakefield) and Willoughby openly joke around, talk about everything, and spend every moment together! He would speed in carriages with her and go on a house date unchaperoned. They were a 1790s couple that was reckless, young, and in love.

4. Hide your broken heart until you can't help but spill the beans and cry your eyes out to your sister (or girlfriends if you don't have a sister).

Elinor never told anyone she had feelings for Edward and hid that she found out about his secret engagement. She finally broke down when she had to share her sad story while Marianne was complaining about her own broken heart.

5. Become best friends with your boyfriend's finacee.

Elinor accidentally became friends with Lucy Steele (actress Anna Madeley). Edward's longtime fiancee was dying to talk about her secret engagement, and Elinor just happened to be there. The details tore Elinor's heart apart, but she did indirectly learn about Edward's dating history.

6. Wait patiently until your man leaves his fiancee to marry you.

Edward's soulmate was Elinor, and Lucy was just a fleeting impulsive crush. He was destined to be with Elinor. All she had to do was wait until he came to his senses.

7. Go for the older man who loves you when your young boyfriend breaks your heart.

It was love at first sight for Colonel Brandon (actor David Morrissey). He remained by Marianne's side until she was ready for marriage following her bad breakup with Willoughby.

Those are some of the many lessons illustrated in Sense and Sensibility. Which rule would you live by in 2015?

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