Kim Yoo Jung may be one of Korea's most famous actresses, but she's also still just 17 years old. She still goes to high school, and does all things any drama-loving teenager would do, like take part in a high school play. And as you'll see in the just-released photos of her both on and off the stage, there's a reason this young woman has become the national star that she is today.

She may be only 17, but she has been acting professionally for almost 15 years, which makes her a veteran in the industry. Still, Kim Yoo Jung attends Goyang High School of Arts along with other aspiring teen artists, where she is currently taking part in her graduation project, a theatrical production of Arthur Miller's The Crucible. Having worked on the play for three months, the actress and her classmates just last week wrapped up six very successful performances. For those familiar with Arthur Miller's work, Yoo Jung played the part of Ann Putnam, a character in The Crucible who believed that a witch was responsible for the deaths of her children. It must have been quite something for the theater teacher at Goyang High, to be giving direction to a multiple award-winning actress. How fun it must have been for her fellow cast and crew as well!

The photos of her speak for themselves, but it's pretty obvious why she has become the superstar that she is. She's absolutely stunning, you can feel her presence. Considering how long she's been in the public eye as a child actor, and now as a young woman, it's mind-boggling to think of what future opportunities lie ahead of her. But for now, she's happy just being in a high school play.

Cast photo

The Crucible by Arthur Miller

After a performance



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