The United States and Korea are definitely two countries that can be labeled as being obsessed with physical beauty. But the trends in what is considered attractive and beautiful over in the Far East and over here in the West are actually quite different. How different you ask? Continue reading to find out!

Beauty is beauty anywhere and everywhere, but what exactly is "the look?" When looking at trends and concepts of female allure, we see that different cultures do have a definite preference. Two cultures that truly reflect those differences are Korean and American, both countries that spend billions on cosmetics and makeup, where looking good has become an obsession for those who strive to be attractive. So how different are the concepts of beauty, and how do the styles of makeup reflect this?

In Korea, the look that's in is one that showcases soft and smooth facial features. The makeup is not done so excessively, just enough around the eyes and mouth. Korean ladies know that guys go for the natural look, so makeup is only used to accentuate what's already there. It's all about subtlety. In the United States, it's the exact opposite of what's trending in Korea. American women generally put on makeup to make the eyes and lips more noticeable and prominent, as if they're recreating, or quite literally, making up a face. Whichever look you prefer, it's really all about what you happen to like. One thing is for certain — looking good is important, no matter where you happen to live.

Taeyeon's natural look

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